When Football was a Sport of Men


NFL Hall of Famer YA Tittle died today, age 90.

Tittle played for the Baltimore Colts, San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants in a 17-season career from 1948 to 1964 during which he played in seven Pro Bowls. He tossed 242 touchdowns, leading the league three times, in 1955, 1962 and 1963.

I grew up watching football and these incredible men, like Tittle and Frank Gifford, who would never have thought to kneel at the anthem.

Football was probably a different sport then, less rules, certainly less TV time. It’s really sad to lose these giants (and Giants) and maybe today Odell Beckham can look back at the antic lifting his leg and give pause to the men before him who gave the name NY Giants some stature.

The good news of today’s loss is that smart-ass Jemele Hill was suspended at ESPN for telling her followers to boycott all NFL sponsors if they didn’t like Jerry Jones telling his Cowboys they will stand.

Somehow I don’t think Tittle or Gifford would have the patience for today’s twerps.

10 thoughts on “When Football was a Sport of Men

        1. Same with Bedford celebs. They come here up be low key. To fit in with hoi polloi. Tittle, like Frank Gifford, seemed unassuming, not a peacock like today’s NFL players. It’s a generation of men gone from a sport that was great long ago.

          As a humorous aside, Roger Goddell said today “we must move beyond the anthem mess”. Ha ha. Ha.

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