EOS Travel Correspondents

Long time reader from Virginia is on tour of Canadian Rockies and sent pic of Lake Louise.

Favorite Cousin/reader sends pic from her birthday jaunt yesterday to FLW’s FallingWater.

And from Texas, reader who says, after dove hunting, he stopped in to Salt Lick BBQ for the Pork Rib BBQ plate.

Old friend and former reader (stopped reading once I declared my allegiance to Trump), and even being called an old friend is doubtful after some heated conversations about politics, emailed me one of his favorite Chappaquiddick photos, circa 1970s.

Slow Friday. Nothing major planned for the holiday weekend either. Have a good day, and weekend too!

Late addition:

Family in Portland Maine going hiking and camping all weekend got early morning energy boost with coffee and donuts made from potato (!!) at Holy Donut. I’m not at my computer to link to Holy Donut website but I saw them profiled on a new Andrew Zimmer show called The ZimmerList. He was in Portland for the day and this place was at the top of his Mmmmmmm list. When texted the photo I asked if Donuts tasted like potato and all I got back was dgtghfgczza|~#^! Apparently it’s not possible to text and eat donuts at the same time. I’m assuming they are delicious. Anyone been there??

4 thoughts on “EOS Travel Correspondents

  1. Evidently, they’re a little bit denser, which, for a doughnut, isn’t a bad thing

    If What’s My Line was still around, I guarantee that Leigh would not be pegged as the proprietress of a doughnut shop.

    1. Excellent clip. Because I never got a response to my question from my kids if the donuts tasted like potato and they are out of communication until Monday camping, I won’t know until Tuesday.

      Right, Leigh must never eat one of her donuts. Ever. Beautiful and thin, owning a donut shop in Maine.

    1. I am sure there’s a whole lot of paying off when it comes to town developers and the press they want/get.

      I must admit you can’t turn on any travel show or read a Retire to article without Sarasota being mentioned. You hit it at the right time.

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