I was “That” Lady in Line today

We’ve all been there, shopping, only one register aisle open, long lines, people tapping their fingers and sighing…


Well, not THIS long a line, but a line nonetheless. I was at Target with a basket of maybe ten things and only one check-out lane was open (other than the self checkout lanes, but those had a long line). I was at the end of the long line when I caught out of the corner of my eye, a young man wave and say I’m opening.

I dashed right there, veering my cart without putting a turn signal on, and the woman in front of me in the long wait line groaned and sighed LOUDLY, as if to tell me, she should have gone before me.

She’s technically right but I decided not to defer to being my old nice gal self today and ignored her groan and sighs.

Come to find out, the young male cashier was on his first day of work, and his first ever use of the cash register. He was so new, he didn’t even have a red Target uniform shirt on. To go back a bit, when he waved and said “I’m Opening” I hesitated for a New York nanosecond because he wasn’t wearing an employee uniform, but my selfish self won out and I played the mad dash to get to him first.

ANYWAY, luckily another employee came along his side to show him the ropes and everything was fine and she showed the new employee how to bag etc.

He asked me how I was going to pay and I told him I was going to use my Target card. Fine. I slide my card into the chip-reader and wait and wait and wait, but uh oh, the screen says Card Can Not Be Read. I try again. And again. And again.

By this time the woman I angered earlier is just about to bust a gut. Not only did I cut in front of her but now I’m that person whose card isn’t working and they have to get help. Oh dear.

No one can make it work. I have to use another card but I tell them I’m not about to give up my Target card discount. I thought the woman behind me was going to kill me. She was pissed because it meant the cashier had to scan something in order for the discount to appear on my Visa transaction.

It did. I got out of there as fast as I could. I turned around and apologized to those behind me for holding them up and I think it so took the woman off guard, she said “no problem”. I’m thinking she didn’t really mean a word of what she said. 🙂

Other than that, the rest of my chores went swimmingly. Thank you for asking.


8 thoughts on “I was “That” Lady in Line today

  1. That sums up why I hate shopping. Think of all the times you found yourself in the 10 or ‘less’ check-out line only to discover some inconsiderate slob two ahead of you has 28 items, many coupons and pays by check. Or, the time there was no fast lane and you had a quart of milk and a pound of hamburger. Did anyone say, hey, go ahead of me? But, I bet you were that woman who gave your place to the milk and hamburger lady.
    You return shopping carts left by others in the parking lot. You’re nice. After all, you apologized today. Shocked ’em, didn’t it.

    1. Thanks!

      Coincidently, after I left Target I went to Stop ‘n Shop. I had several things but saw out of my eye a young woman with milk and juice looking at aisles to see where she might get out fast. I told her, go ahead. She was most appreciative. So I guess I made up for my Target experience!!

    1. I’ve been laughing for a hour. My only question, why would you resist that? You know I adore FG. Too bad one can’t use a video as a screen saver. This would be it. You’ve redeemed yourself from the two oddball clips prior.

  2. What “That Lady in Line” routine? Come on now, you know there is a book of rules for proper procedures on checkout lines. We all know what the rule book says. When a new checkout line opens, the ones in front get to go first.
    Though one of the little known rules is: that after” X amount of times” of letting the other shoppers in front go first, you get a “free for all shot” where its first come first serve. Congratulations! Today is your day. You won the free shot today as consolation to being a good player. The thing is, the other players on line don’t know you are an excellent player and didn’t realize that today was your free shot day. Fuck em. Everybody gets a free shot now and again. Everybody. Its the fuckers who are trying to get a free shot everytime they go shopping are the ones who piss me off. We can spot them a mile away, you know what I mean?

    You know I noticed recently that when I go to Target, Wal-Mart, Kohls, Macy, even Home Depot that when I’m waiting patiently in the checkout line that some young checkout chick (young to me is 50)will come around and get my attention and motion with her head that she is opening a new line. I can just swing outta the waiting line and head over to her cashier spot and no ones the wiser. Its like winning the lottery.

    So the thing with the card reader- is a little known rule- that states that bigbox retail/grocery stores are not allowed to properly clean their debit/credit/smart card reader swipers, thereby making them a royal pain in the ass to use. Ever had a problem at the ATM, gas pumps, CVS, small retailers, ace hardware? Hardly ever. You know what I mean. I know the rule. So when ever I go to the bigbox joints, I just pull out a roll of 20’s and start peeling them off.

    1. Totally agree that it was MY FREE FOR ALL SHOT at Target. That’s exactly what went through my mind, in the split second I had to think. 99.9% of the time I am the one who defers, who lets others go, who says, please, go ahead. But, the lady behind me doesn’t know me so she felt differently.

      It’s similar to letting five cars in front of you on a highway road that mergers down to one lane. The sixth car wants to get in too – you don’t let them because you’ve let so many others in, but the 6th guy gives you the finger and calls you all kinds of nasty names and tries to edge his fender closer and closer. You know the type.

      I did not know the rule about not being able to clean their readers. Why? Hey, can you spare a roll of $20s? I’m heading to Home Depot and could use some. Thanks.

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