I woke up to news of a deadly rampage in Las Vegas, details still unfolding of the Who, but not yet the Why.

It’s painful to watch video. It’s sickening to think one human can inflict such hate on hundreds.

Photos out now show shooter was a white male, age 64. The NRA haters are already calling for banning guns.

I don’t know my guns well enough to understand what weapon this was but some witnesses have said they heard 100 rounds without stopping.

I repeat, Unimaginable.

17 thoughts on “Unimaginable

  1. Everyone can blame #GunControlNow but I blame the sick shooter who doesn’t care about about human life.
    Some have reported shooters guns were legally registered but I think it’s too early to know that so I’ve discounted 80% of information released.

    Was fully automatic rifle.

  2. One network saying woman is no longer person of interest. This after her photo and Facebook pix all over internet. I wonder if she’s no longer person of interest means she didn’t have any idea what went down.

  3. Stay away from Twitter today. The haters are out in full force saying crap like shooting of white people at country music show is karma for Trump’s Puerto Rico.

    Go for a walk, read a good book. But stay away from Twitter.

    1. The other side of that argument is there are a lot of well informed and smart people on Twitter. @thomaswictor

      [Ed. Note: Anon2, I’m editing out your twitter link. I get the point that it was intended to show the SAW but I think it’s inappropriate considering the people dead. I’m leaving up your suggestion to read Thomas Wictor’s account and I’ll let readers decide on their own what of his tweets is suitable today].

        1. I’m sure you had no intent other than information. You’ve been commenting for many years. I just felt it was inappropriate. Thanks for understanding.

  4. Reports are that woman is out of the country, that’s why she’s been removed as person of interest. In my mind though, just because she was not physically in LV doesn’t mean she didn’t know or participate in any way of the planning.

    I go back to my original thought -what motive would a 64 year old white guy have for shooting white people at a country music concert?

    1. Add Elizabeth Warren to list of pols making “save the world by taking away all guns” tweets.

      Hearing you say motive out loud, that makes sense. Shooter must have hated Trump and assumed all white country music concert attendees were of similar political persuasion. Who knows. We have a long way to go to determine motive.

        1. Didn’t see Hillary tweet but duh that she’d chime in. Do I dare read it or should I take the advice of others here and leave Twitter alone today?

  5. Trump just spoke beautifully. I’m sure lefties will hate his many mentions of God.

    CBS and two others are now saying ISIS claiming shooting.

    1. I’m not home. Heading into a lecture on antique sterling silver (yawn) so I’m turning phone off for a bit. carry on with conversation without me please. Thanks.

      1. (How was lecture? And where? What are we to do with it? Kids don’t want the “bother” of it….)

        1. The lecture was at a friend’s house who is in the antiques biz and whose specialty is silver. She invited a fellow expert to talk about the falling values of our family sterling. Ouch.

          My kids LOVE that kind of stuff, thankfully, the family china and silver come down through the family. They appreciate the lineage and beauty too. Lucky me.

          PS: They do NOT want the brown furniture though. They draw the line there. I’ll be having a big mahogany bon fire when we move.

  6. Hate to keep commenting but watching the official police press conference is making my head spin. Police chief say no ISIS involvement determined but also backtracked on woman, saying while she was out of town, she is still a person of interest.

    Its all very confusing yet.

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