He Chose Door Number Four

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Monty Hall died yesterday, zonked at age 96.

Not one of my favorite game shows, I was never really a LMAD watcher but I had to admire the passion he had for the game and for the contestants. What I’ve heard over and over in his obit is that Hall was extraordinarily philanthropic, raising over $1 billion dollars in his lifetime. When I watched, I’d always choose door number two.

Here’s the 1963 pilot episode…

Now, in other news, the Dems are hellbent on taking Trump down for what they are calling his lousy reaction to the Puerto Rico hurricane disaster relief. The pathetic San Juan mayor obviously got the memo from the DNC to balk and hate, and while she was so busy yelling that no one had power, she somehow managed to get a t-shirt shop to open to create this cute number for her, for the benefit of her Trump hating CNN audience.


Even some liberals, like Geraldo Rivera, have pushed back at her, demanding she explain WHO is dying and where. Funny, she didn’t have much of an answer. Then my favorite ever Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, tweeted the official FEMA timeline that sucked the air right out of the San Juan Mayor’s complaint.


I heard that the mayor has refused to meet with FEMA directors three times. How possibly could that benefit the residents?

It’s a mess. The Ds want to make Maria Trump’s Katrina and every lefty celeb is tweeting and going on air calling Trump unfit, etc….

Personally, I see the problem being there doesn’t seem to be the neighbor-helping neighbor mentality on PR as there was in Texas and Florida. Remember how Peter said his neighbors were his salvation to getting back in his house? Why isn’t that happening on PR? I fear that by asking that question out loud, it’ll trigger libs to say conservatives are calling PR residents lazy or waiting for the Federal government to help them. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, si el zapato calza….

Very chilly Sunday here. The temp in the house hovering in the low 60s so I may start a fire in the FP, hoping I can do it this time without the fire department showing up. 🙂

Happy Sunday. Who’s watching football? Who’s watching golf? Who’s doing neither?

PS: Daughter deciding today re job offer. I think she’s leaning no. I’ll keep you posted.

21 thoughts on “He Chose Door Number Four

  1. Don’t get me started on Puerto Rico. The mayor’s response is insanely political. She doesn’t care about the residents.

    I hope when Trump goes there Tuesday he tells her off.

  2. Saw The Battle of the Sexes movie yesterday. Pretty entertaining. There was a WSJ article on the trouble the stand in actor tennis pros and the actors had in using the period wooden racquets. I was able to find footage of the Bobby Riggs vs Margaret Court match on YouTube, and it looked exactly like the tennis in the movie, which was bizarre by today’s standards.

    I’m heading out to walk the Ringling Bridge. Sunny and 80 degrees here. Vendors at the farmer’s market yesterday were saying the season is off to an early start, judging by the number of people there.

    I see the Miami Dolphins are on TV playing from London, so there will be football on TV for over 12 hours today. Saturation? Confess I will at least look in on the Giants/Tampa Bay game later.

    1. 80 degrees and sunny. That was my takeaway of your comment!! Lucky. We have the sun. That’s all.

      The Battle of the Sexes movie got lousy reviews so I’m glad to hear you say it was entertaining. In my attic stashed in a corner in the back, is a pile of 1960s wooden tennis racquets, with their press still screwed on. What memories. I can remember as if it was yesterday seeing a Yvonne Goolagong match and thinking it was like watching paint dry.

      No football on tv here but I saw on the news a few Dolphins knelt during the anthem. Ugh.

      Have a great day…..in that 80 degree temp!!! Drool.

  3. The stories that won’t get any play today are the vote in Catalonia, the terrorist attack in Marseilles, and Paul Krugman outright lying saying PRs are dying of cholera.

    No football for me. Going for a long walk instead because yesterday I stopped at an apple orchard and bought apples, and hot cider donuts, a whole bag.

    1. I’ve read that too Cobra but what I read between the lines is the Mayor is anxious to take down Trump any way she can. She could force the striking truck drivers to go back to work (or at least the Governor of PR could, who seems to e thanking Trump). It’s a mess.

  4. If you thought the San Juan mayor was scum, wait til you read Ana Navarro’s tweet. She’s so vile and hates Trump more than anyone I know.

    No football for me either. Got neighbors over helping me with a fence that blew down. They’ll stay for burgers on the barbie.

    1. I’m not sure she will say no. I’ve been her sounding board for the last few days. We’ve been doing pros and cons. Not an easy decision.

  5. Meanwhile, on the football field. The Ravens kneel as a team and get booed so loudly by their own fans that the announcer can’t be heard. Three Cleveland Browns players praised their fist during the anthem. My lady-like Southern upbringing doesn’t allow me to type what I really think about these f******. 🙂

    1. Your mother is going to wash out your mouth with soap using that kind of asterisk language!

      I see now that the entire N.O. Saints team knelt, but during the coin toss. I mean, can you say stoopid.

  6. Happy Sunday. We had a street party starting at 11 this morning celebrating being good friends and helping each other. Lots of really good food. And beer. No football for me either.
    The mayor of San Juan probably had that t-shirt in her closet. Seems it’s sold at the Antifa website.

    1. Peter, no rain for you? I saw the Florida map had some rain scattered.

      Wonderful to hear the take of neighbors helping each other. You are lucky.

  7. LMAD even entered the lexicon as “The Monty Hall Problem” – are your chances better if you swap door choices after the third choice is revealed as a “zonk”?

    1. What movie was that clip from?

      Note: I am not in that statistics class. I barely squeaked by statistics in college. Fascinating bit of logic, not my long suit. Not even my short suit. I would have stuck with door number one.

        1. PBS has a series called Pioneers of….. One was game show hosts and Hall talked about all the network opposition to his idea. He was the only one who had the vision LMAD would be successful. Looking back, his contestants are probably today’s Deplorables. People who are thankful for an avocado washing machine can’t be liberals!!!

          I caught a few minutes of Pioneers of Stand Up Comics recently, profiling Seinfeld, Rosanne, Tim Allen, Ray Romano, Bob Newhart and Bill Cosby. If you can find it online, Watch. It’s incredible. Cosby, way before his tv show, was an fabulous stand up. I remember many of his routines were side splitting.

          The takeaway quote By Seinfeld in PBS show: “Funny is smart for the most part. It’s pretty hard to be funny and a complete moron”. He obviously doesn’t know Chelsea Handler, Samantha Bee, Colbert…the list is long of comedians who are morons. And to watch the show then read today tweets by Jason Alexander, puke. Makes it hard to look at his Seinfeld character as funny.

          PS: 21. I liked that movie. Saw it on an airplane. I knew the clip looked familiar. Thanks.

        2. Thanks for the link. Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is pretty good for insights to the life of the standup comic (probably the hardest job in the world). Actually, if your audience is filled with complete morons, folks like Colbert, Handler, Bee are good to go.

        3. True enough about the audience. Same train of thought for why Deborah Messing got the go-ahead for a new Will & Grace. I wouldn’t watch for love nor money but the many Complete Morons eat all the Trump Hate up. Sick.

          Speaking of sick, I’m waking up to news of shooting in Las Vegas. Holy sh**. Still trying to decide if it was a black man gunning down whites or some Islamic terror attack.

          Update: seems the shooter was a 64 year old white male. I can’t decide if I should put up a post about this or leave this comment as a starting place if anyone wants to talk about the shooting. Let me know. [I decided to put up a post about LV]

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