‘Tis Friday! Yay!!

Good Friday morning. I’ve had a pack of coyotes in my backwoods hootin’ and hollerin’ since 5am so I’m a tad grumpy. Hopefully coffee, and lots of it, will cheer me up.

Brisk here. Definitely a crispiness in the air. But my favorite time of year. I did notice yesterday and the days of last weeks extreme heat, the stink bugs were appearing on west side of house and on window screens. Ugh.

NBC Connecticut weatherman Ryan Hanrahan tweets cloud photos his viewers send in – this one, a formation I’ve never heard of -“an incredible fallstreak hole/hole punch cloud”. Beautiful.

The remaining wind of Maria is churning up the RI coast, a few decent waves.

Although I watched the final episode of the PBS series Vietnam**, I heard the football teams all stood for the anthem last night, but with locked arms, which I’m told is still in protest mode. StubHub was selling NFL tickets at a big discount. I hate to sound repetitive, but I like Winning. The fans are speaking. Speaking loud and clear they do not want politics on the field.

**I’d love to chat about the Vietnam series if anyone else does. Specifically, did Ken Burns leave out footage of Hanoi Jane or did I just miss it? I think I’ve only not watched one episode. I thought the series was good but my enthusiasm waned a bit at the end, I thought it was more a political statement than fact based. Anyone else feel that way?

And for a total Friday Funday to any bachelor out there, call this gal today!

If I’ve left out any good news from overnight, let me know. Otherwise, start your engines ladies and gents – it’s the weekend!

8 thoughts on “‘Tis Friday! Yay!!

  1. Today is National Coffee Day so drink up.

    I have mixed feelings about the Vietnam series. Agree too much of it was political but then again war is always political. I found myself disappointed that John Musgrave joined the Vets Against the War. That threw me. He was excellent though.

    I’m texting my single son now the beer guzzling gal.

    Pretty cloud and ocean photos.

    1. I was also surprised that Musgrave ended up against the war and agree I didn’t see it coming from the earlier interviews with him. It’s understandable how they turned, as RDW says below, our government lied to us and that’s not supposed to happen.

      I cried like a baby at the end, listening to Musgrave tell us he fell to his knees when he walked up to the Vietnam Memorial. Oh my.

  2. Nothing but clouds and rain in Miami today. Looks like rain for the next few days too.

    Missed the last four parts of Vietnam series. I’ll try and binge watch over the rainy weekend. I did not see any Hanoi Jane footage.

    1. I see from the weather map much of Florida is under clouds and rain.

      Binge-watching 4 episodes of Vietnam might be harmful to your health. I don’t think I could handle it. One at a time was tough enough.

  3. There was a Jane Fonda segment in I think the next to last episode, that was pretty well done.

    In fact, I thought the entire series very well done, somewhat to my surprise. I found it very thought provoking. Both Presidents Johnson and Nixon saw the situation in Vietnam clearly, but only cared about being re-elected; caring nothing about the people they were elected to supposedly represent by squandering their blood and treasure for nothing but their own political ends.

    We used to watch a TV series called American Dreams around 10 years ago about a family in Philadelphia during the 1960s. I remember the daughter had an anti-war boyfriend and her father saying ‘you think he knows more about Vietnam than the President?’ which was pretty much my view. So much for trusting the government.

    I loved the way they showed people they profiled in the present day back when they were in Vietnam. I did not pickup that Tim O’Brien was the author of ‘The Things They Carried’ until he started reading from it in the last episode. If you aren’t depressed enough by the PBS series, read his excellent book.

    1. Your assessment is spot-on. And I’m glad to learn there was a Jane Fonda segment. I’ll have to go back and see where it was and watch it. In last night’s episode, one person who talked about his opposition to the Memorial mentioned Jane Fonda.

      Thought-provoking is exactly the right word for the series, especially for us old fogies who lived in that time in varying degrees of for and against the war sentiments.

      My recollection is in the very first episode it was discussed that every president who dealt with Vietnam war cared more about re-election than the truth, not just Johnson and Nixon.

      Obama was not an exception, lying to us about the Iran deal and many other aspects of war.

      I don’t now about the series American Dreams – never heard of it but who doesn’t remember Meathead being opposed to the war and Archie disliking him for that opinion.

      I’m going to order Tim’s book but I will need a break from thinking about the war before reading it. Thanks for the link, and as always, thanks for sharing your astute observations.

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