No Dumb Bunnies Here


With news that Hugh Hefner died at age 91 and not having any brothers in the house who stashed Playboy Magazine under the mattress, I don’t think I can opine on the man but I do think it’s a good time to talk about the Playboy Bunny.

I happen to think they are the original feminists, before the word was invented. They were an elite group of women, chosen for the shape of the body and proud of that, they had to be smart enough to go through the rigors of a strenuous Bunny training program, they earned a great deal of money, their job was seen as a good one, not sleeze.

Bunnies had to learn The Lean, how to serve the beverages without coming out of their tops. No easy feat. I think both Gloria Steinem and Barbara Walters tried and failed at being Bunnies for a day.


Today, the women’s movement has moved so far to the Left, the Feminazi’s would call today’s Bunny a sell out. I think quite the opposite.

I suspect all day today and in the next few days, former Playboy Bunnies will speak about their time in Playboy Clubs. It was a different time, maybe better, in that there wasn’t the faction of women who only wanted women to be doctors and CEOs.

Am I wrong?


14 thoughts on “No Dumb Bunnies Here

  1. Agree, the Bunnies were not dumb. Many of them became quite wealthy. I think there was a rule they couldn’t date the patrons but who’s kidding who, I think some of them took the job to meet celebs or wealthy men, no different than in the old days of being a stew and wanting to marry a pilot.

    I did have brothers and Playboy Magazine played a big role in their sex education because in our day, parents didn’t sit down and have that talk.

    Hef created an empire and I think it’s obvious he loved women, and respected them too.

  2. Who cared if the Bunnies were smart? I didn’t.

    I agree though that they owned their bodies and being a Bunny was not porn. I didn’t read the magazine as a pre-teen or teen. Maybe I was the exception as a male?

  3. In the WSJ lead article about Hef, the female commenters, and guys too, are trashing Hef and the Bunnies, calling the Bunnies victims of, yep, misogyny. I think you’re the only one who has it right. The Bunnies were not victims, they were not being demoralized.

    1. Seeing those comments now. One women really lit into Hef:
      He’s done more damage to women, than the Gloria Steinman Femi-Nazi brigade. Talk about sexualizing and demeaning women… YIKES…..The gals who bought into his world are just as much to blame. Good riddance

      I see it so differently but I must be in the minority, or maybe I’m the only one who feels they can stay what I think out loud today? Not sure.

      1. Still alive, age 74, but “paralyzed from the waist down due to injuries sustained in a 1978 murder attempt ” according to Wikipedia.

  4. Little off topic but does anyone think that the oldest profession in the world is a result of misog, mysogini, misogyny? What were the waitress bunnies? The precursor to hooters? There was nothing new about what Hef did, except to push the envelope on genteel society. Hef was wanna be avant garde 60’s liberation, though Sexplotation has been around forever. Heck during the late 50’s -60s Doris Wishman and Russ Myers were the cutting edge. There movies were being shown in drive-ins all over America. And not for nothing but who dosent remember those hot June Taylor dancers on the Jackie Gleason Show or The Gold Diggers on the Dean Martin Show. My personal favorites were the chesty beauties on the Price is Right. Yeah, Hef was an Icon. And he lived a life not many do.

    1. Excellent insight. I had to look up Doris Wishman and Russ Myers. You must be much older than I – those names didn’t ring a bell to me. I didn’t even really know the term Sexploitation Film existed, although I certainly understand the concept.

      I don’t have a problem with women choosing to do whatever they want with their bodies – the legit prostitution places in Arizona (or is it Nevada?) don’t bother me. Of course, many women are forced to sell their bodies by evil pimps who beat the crap out of them otherwise. Or women who are junkies and sell themselves for drug money. That isn’t by free choice anymore.

      If a woman wants to be a Hooters waitress and she feels she can earn an honest living by it, fine by me.

      I DO remember the June Taylor dancers. Don’t forget to add Goldie Hawn in a skimpy bikini on LaughIn, doing the boogaloo.

      Hef was a capitalist with a good idea at the right time and made plenty of money at it. He’s still be vilified by women in today’s reactions to his death.

  5. “Hugh Hefner, gone to his reward at the age of 91, was a pornographer and chauvinist who got rich on masturbation, consumerism and the exploitation of women, aged into a leering grotesque in a captain’s hat, and died a pack rat in a decaying manse where porn blared during his pathetic orgies.”

    1. If you think I’m going to click a NYT obit for their “opinion” on Hefner, you don’t know me very well. The same NYT that wrote an anti Judaism op ed over Yom Kippur.

      That aside, there’s no doubt Hef is perceived by most as everything the NYT states.

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