Winning. I love Winning! This is Winning!

One down and how many sissy NFL teams to go?

Report in Boston’s CBS newsfeed that the New England Patriots (funny they were kneeling yet called Patriots), have agreed to stand up from now on!!!!!!!

From Boston CBS:
A league source told CSNNE’s Gary Tanguay on Tuesday that all Patriots players will stand during the national anthem before next Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers at Gillette Stadium.

I have to think this is partly Trump’s doing, sticking to his guns, partly the owner Kraft seeing fans turn away and Dish NFL plans being cancelled, and partly even the players feeling they should do the right thing.

Did I say this is Winning???? Yes!! More please. Stop that ass Odell Beckham from lifting his leg during the anthem. That’s next.

11 thoughts on “Winning. I love Winning! This is Winning!

  1. Baby steps. I don’t see any other teams capitulating. But good on the Pats. If the Carolina Panthers kneel, which I suspect they will, and the Patriots stand, there’s got to be a positive reaction by the fans.

    1. Hey, I didn’t know about Elite air. When did they appear??? The good news is they are smaller planes, not the loud JetBlue behemoths that land over my house. Grr.

      1. Surprised you don’t know about Elite. It looks like a good plan, only two flights a day so not ten and not big planes.

    2. When I said this wasn’t very convenient service, it was pointed out to me by my wife that this is the perfect weekend flight from HPN to SRQ. Come down on Friday, go home on Monday. I think her friends have booked all the flights for November.

      1. Tell your wife to wave to me about five minutes out from landing at HPN. I’m the old lady out on her deck swearing at all the planes overhead.

        In truth though, in the first few years here, the planes were overwhelming. In the past two years, we rarely get any direct overhead planes landing, except the Jet Blue, and Earth Image explained it’s because their path is different, coming mostly from the south.

    1. My computer is off and my iPhone is balking opening the YT link, getting the circle of Old Phone Death. I’ll check out link in the morning.

      Update: Good Morning. Yawn. Great video and I suspect his anger reflects far more fans than the few like me who see a positive about the Patriots. Since I posted the news from CBS Boston, I’ve not seen one other outlet or even Twitter feed report this so I wonder if its even true.

      I’m watching Vietnam seeing ass John Kerry speak before the Senate as head of Vietnam Vets Against the War. He was using his John Kennedy accent back then. Ugh.

      And breaking news this morning that Hugh Hefner died. I bet he died smiling!

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