When you surf a real estate website and see NOTHING you’d buy, no matter the budget

Not one house would I want. I clicked Houlihan Lawrence, put in these parameters:

  1. Town of Bedford
  2. Four+ bedrooms
  3. 4+ baths

And got this list

The first one in the list has an Address Withheld headline and so far I haven’t been able to find its actual street on Trulia or Zillow which says to me it’s not really IN Katonah, but a Katonah address.


Pretty enough on the outside, but whoa, the interior needs a full gut and rehab. The house comes with a gorgeous 40 acres and from the photos, a fabulous long distance view.

No pix of the kitchen or baths so I suspect the grand old family who loved this home for decades has passed, or decided to move out, leaving any new owner an opportunity to make it 1930-fabulous once again.

From classic 1930s beauty to a 2006 what were they thinking, I present this Penwood gem

I can’t even keep a straight face reading the listing copy…
The vision of 55 Penwood is to enhance the quality of life through creative design and ground breaking automation complimenting the extraordinary architecture, state of the art design and warmth of this magnificent regal stone manor

So that one is out.


What I do find surprising is that one of the Victorian painted ladies in Katonah is struggling to sell. This is a classic home, on the main street in Katonah, walk to everything. From my eye it looks like it needs a new kitchen and maybe some updating of the baths (and I could NOT live with the exterior color theme but painted ladies do have that aspect inherent in their name).

Katonah is an incredibly family-friendly neat 1950s town that refuses to change, even refused to accept a Starbucks. A good thing. I hope a young family scoops this up and enjoys that amazing front porch.

There aren’t even any cute inexpensive houses to post – it’s like all the listings have evaporated – either sold or withdrawn. Or people are leaving Bedford in droves? Most of my friends have split – Florida Florida Florida. Very few of my age group are still here full time.

I’m always up for a good real estate posting link – if you see one, holler.

14 thoughts on “When you surf a real estate website and see NOTHING you’d buy, no matter the budget

  1. Speaking peripherally about real estate, Barack Obama (an owner OF several pieces of real estate) said today taking his daughter to college was like open heart surgery. Spare me.

    1. I see what you did there, Nice peripherally speaking.

      I think Barack and Michelle were both heart broken, so much so they had to go yacht cruising in Mallorca, or some other place where regular folk hang out.

        1. Other than the clip was two minutes too long, and now I’ve got that stupid song stuck in my head, there’s truth to the ditty. He is from Money Gall (he has the gall to tell folk that at some point we’ve earned enough money) and there is a lot of Blarney in old Ba-rack O’Bama. 🙂

    1. I used to do a semi-regular Wednesday post of real estate in Bedford UNDER $500k. It wasn’t as hard as you think and many had 4 bedrooms. Lots of old farm houses around here, simple and plain, but hearty and long lasting. Right for the young family who has a limited budget and who can fix up over time.

      Now, as for the house you linked. Blue Heron Lake is one of the nicest addresses around. Many gorgeous homes, several nice contemporary ones too. Property taxes are what’s making Bedford real estate stale. It’s a killer. I had to write a fat check today to the town for the first half of my school tax bill. Gulp.

      1. Taxes on the Katonah painted lady certainly caught my eye. I’m not crazy about that style of architecture but the buyer ought to approve of the color scheme as is because there’s acres of gingerbread on that place.
        Do you write separate checks for the school tax and for ordinary real estate tax? We pay real estate taxes quarterly and both are included in the payments.

        1. I’ll dig it up later but I did a post a while back on Katonah’s Victorians. My memory is this one is the wildest of the bunch and could do better a bit toned down. They stand tall in Katonah and are cherished by the residents and passers-by. Not my preferred style either.
          Our tax bills are separate. True property tax bill arrives, one payment, due in full, by April 30.
          The school portion, DOUBLE the actual property tax, comes in two portions. One due by September 30. The other by January 30. There were several people in the Collector Of Taxes office today.
          Cuomo has made a big deal of saying property taxes are down or stabilized but he makes no mention of the heinous school tax burden we pay. Bedford is rarely in any Best Of Westchester school districts because quite frankly the enormous Hispanic population in Mount Kisco is a drain on resources such that good teachers leave, more ESL teachers are needed. It’s a hot mess.

    2. The 1903 home looks like a perfect candidate for the guys at This Old House. Poor thing is in need of serious updating and livening. Could be gorgeous after a couple of million. The lake view is killer.

    1. Aha. Thanks. That makes sense. Holly Branch and Mt. Holly Roads are gorgeous with incredible long distance views but alas, to get to either, one has to be on the worst road in Northern Westchester – Route 35. That’s the ONLY downside to the location of that home. The road itself, Holly Branch, is stellar and synonymous with Bedford (Katonah). Narrow dirt lane. I believe Bruce Willis has a house in that neck of the woods.

      Thanks for the information.

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