Anything But Football!!!!!

Note though, if the NFL topic is one you still want to harangue about, the conversation is still going on in this post. 

Approved blog topics today:

  1. Cute puppies
  2. Summer-like Weather
  3. Cablevision alerting us we might be without ABC and ESPN (that’s good news!)
  4. My 99 year old mom telling me about her outing with a 100 year old man
  5. Stupid GOP who can’t pass a healthcare bill
  6.  Puerto Rico relief
  7. Chelsea Manning being permanently banned from traveling in Canada 🙂
  8. Guessing how many cups of coffee I’ll inhale this morning


Fun, successful, but long day yesterday. The drive was thankfully uneventful both ways – no traffic jams. Gas was $2.78 along the whole turnpike. Mom and I got all the tasks at hand accomplished – driving out to Pennsylvania for this and that, a quick lunch at Chick-Fil-A when the temps at noon were over 90 degrees and everyone was ordering iced coffee and iced tea. My car temp registered 95 at one point.

Pea soup fog here this morning and I’m slow out of the gate, falling into bed once home. Alas, this morning, I have a pile of tasks to go out and do, including running to Town Hall to pay my property tax bill. Gag me.

I skipped both Sunday and last night’s Vietnam episodes so I hope to find time today to catch up and watch both. Did I miss much?

Happy Tuesday.


26 thoughts on “ABF

    1. It was the best part of the day. My mom has been out to dinner and the theater a few times with the most adorable 100 year old. He, like mom, has all his marbles, and they share stories of the spouses they loved and lost.

    1. Neat. Never heard of them or even Locust Road. Had to look it up on map. Is it pronounced Ver-sigh as in the french château or Ver-sales as the town in Kentucky?

      I need syrup too. Thanks for the link.

    2. I just discovered them recently also. Extremely limited selection of stuff for sale at the stand (no corn), but their tomatoes this summer were excellent, a special variety, they said, developed at Rutgers. It’s very near Augustine’s Farm which has lots more stuff and easy to shop both places in one shot.

      Give them your email, and they’ll keep you posted on what they’ve got. Augustine’s has an active FB page to keep up with their own offerings.


  1. Noon today Feds announcing indictments of NCAA coaches etc in money scheme. Let’s see if that news breaks the NFL cycle. Probably not.

  2. I found both PBS episodes on Vietnam very well done and so depressing on so many levels. The most depressing part (other than so many American and Vietnamese lives lost or needlessly shattered) is that the lessons learned in Vietnam have been forgotten and our country finds itself in similar situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    A draft today would be politically unacceptable. The voters have expressed their desire not to pursue these wars by electing first Obama, and then Trump, both of whom promised to end these adventures (at least that is what I and many others heard) only to continue doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

    Sigh. End of rant.

    1. I have some free time now and plan to watch Sunday’s episode. More after I’ve viewed it. I suspect my feelings will mirror yours. Excellent comment.

  3. What with 30 million illegals in this country, re-introduction of the draft would never happen. It would be suicide for the brass. Plus the military is steeped in slow to change tradition and all training battalions would have to shitcan “JODY” for JOSE.

    1. Illegals have (for decades?) entered the military as a way of becoming a citizen. I don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s better than coming here as a leech and taking welfare.

    1. The NYT is doing double shi*stain duty today, with that ludicrous story and another, by a “renown” psychiatrist who pens an Op-Ed “Why I Admire Anthony Weiner”.

      The Uranus story reminded me of my high school days (or daze). The senior boys rock band was called Uranus and the Five Moons. We were an edgy class for 1966. 🙂

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