I Fell for the Old “Ma, Are You going to be home today” routine!


I should know better by now than to fall for a kid ruse like that – I knew it meant something, and turns out the something is Grayson The Cat who needs to be cared for today, and today only I’m assured. Right.

Let me say up front, I am NOT a cat person. We had one cat when the kids were little and I grit my teeth having it in the house. I especially hate litter boxes but come to find out Grayson is housebroken, goes outside.

So, at 6:48 this morning, Grayson was delivered to me and I got a quick crash course in how to take care of him. I also got a hug, and a thanks, with the last words I heard being we’ll be back sometime around 7:30 tonight….or 8! 🙂

Since Grayson has been here, he’s cried the whole time, surely confused about his new surroundings and this person in whose care he is, a dog lover. We’ve been outside to see the yard, he sees where his food is, he’s been upstairs, but he hasn’t settled down yet.

Could be a long day. Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

UPDATE at 3:25p. This is a short clip of his meowing. Softer than the other meowing.

19 thoughts on “I Fell for the Old “Ma, Are You going to be home today” routine!

  1. “I feel your pain,” as Slick Willie often said. I am physically and conceptually allergic to cats. My eyes and throat itch. Other than ex-wives and liberals (both of which display behaviors much like obstinate felines), cats are the only allergy from which I suffer.

    1. I only WISH I were physically allergic to cats. Then I wouldn’t have been guilted into saying yes. Once I said I would be home today, I was doomed to saying yes for whatever was asked of me next. Oh well.

      Grayson has quieted down finally. We’ve been outside three or four times. He finally found an upstairs hiding place far away from mean old me to stay holed up until retrieved by his family. It took him close to four hours to calm down and stop the constant meowing.

  2. Cat person here. Have had three at once but none now.

    Any thoughts on Trump’s speech last night calling out the NFL players? He’s taking a lot of heat for it today. I liked it personally.

    1. Mixed feelings about the NFL statement. He’s right, the players who don’t stand should be fired but he had to know the majority of professional athletes stand by each other and in this case, standing together in objection to Trump.

  3. Not a cat fan (except for the Maine Coon), but, they are upfront with their disdain with no fake bonhommerie to fool you in thinking that they give shit whether you’re alive or dead. That said, how about a happy little cat tale to tee you up for the approaching holidays?

    1. While I was watching/listening to the clip, I heard meowing. I assumed it was from the clip, I muted the clip and still heard the meowing, then lo and behold, at my feet, came Grayson. I guess he’s warmed up to me enough to say hey, Lunch Woman, then let me out. He’s slowly warming up to me.

      The voice on the clip? Sounds like one of the hosts of the Great British Baking show.

      Maine Coon? Are we even allowed to say Coon? I doubt it. Remember the Friends episode with this hairless wonder?

        1. Limecat. Ha. Grayson is back meowing at me in ways I don’t understand. I speak dog fluently. I always knew what Dawg and her family dog predecessors meant. Cat? I don’t understand one meow from another. Is their a Cat Meowing for Dummies?

        2. FINE BY ME!!!!!!

          Actually he’s not THAT bad. It’s just that not being a cat person leaves me clueless how to respond to his needs. He’s been outside much of this afternoon. I’m leaving the breakfast room screen door ajar so he can come in and out. He seems to like the freedom. He hasn’t ventured far (yet) but I do feel obliged to watch for him because I don’t think it’d go over too well tonight when they come for Grayson and I say “about that….” 😬

      1. Cat person here,in fact when I played your video my Maine coon came running into the room.i asked him what your buddy said,and surprise he just stared at me.

        1. Guffaw.

          I’m in deep doo-doo. I let Grayson out about 15 minutes ago and now he’s not answering to my call to come back in. Not at the front door. Not at the back door.Not at the breakfast room door. My goose will be cooked if I can’t find him.

          Phew. He finally came in. Thank the dear Lord. I can hear it now: grandma killed the cat.

          Update: Grayson just picked up and taken home. Life is good.

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