I’ll give her new NBC morning show three months, tops

Megan Kelly, who turned the stomachs of most conservatives when she went for Trump’s jugular, left Fox and showed up the new darling at NBC.

Kelly is taking over the 9am slot previously occupied by Billy Bush, then Willie Geist, now Al Roker, with a side of two NBC bevies. One was Tamron Hall who left when she heard a white blonde was taking her place, criticizing NBC for lack of diversity.

I don’t watch TV at 9am, or 10am, but I did check in today to see Al Roker and his co-workers say goodbye, then fake a welcome to Megan.

The body language was obvious. Megan is not a welcome member of the NBC family. Roker even resorted to tweeting a plea for his 9am viewers to tune into Kelly. It was funny and pathetic at the same time.

I don’t see what possible chance Megan has of getting a good audience at 9am. That’s the hour viewers want fluff, fun – probably why Regis and Kelly and now Kelly and Whomever do well at 9am.

Who wants to watch a phony talk politics at 9am? Not I. And I bet few others. I mean at 9am, if people DO want news, they’ll turn into their cable channel of choice.

When Megan does fail, and she will, she’ll follow a long line of other former news anchors who have tried and failed at morning talk shows. Meredith Vieira, and my least favorite, Katie Couric.

Time will tell who’s right. Remember I called it here first.

Drop dead gorgeous morning for the first day of autumn. Bright sun. Clean crisp air. Not so lucky in RI with very high winds that took down a big limb of a prized apple tree.

Happy Friday. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “I’ll give her new NBC morning show three months, tops

  1. By years end, cancelled. Her nighttime show fizzled. She’s angered so many people she’s a nobody to viewers.

  2. Read the comments under Roker’s plea tweet. Not one person plans to watch. They all said no way to Megan. Three months might be two months too long.

    Beautiful day here too. Walked with a bunch of friends.

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