Way over my pay grade

I updated my iPad to iOS 11. Lots of new stuff, including a fancy schmancy new keyboard where you pull down the letter key to expose and use the alternate key use.

There’s a whole new pull up at the bottom bar that shows how one can open a couple of apps at a time. Problem is, maybe one can figure this out. I can not.

That blue folder icon is for Recents.

Could be a big learning curve for me. I note that the update has only appeared in my iPad. Not my old iPhone. The kids tell me their iPhones have updated but they all have iPhone 7s. Old farts mom and dad are hung up so last century with 5s.

I’m hearing complaints that iOS 11 blocks Microsoft mail users from sending mail. The tech giants are ganging up on each other.

Meanwhile, I’ve pulled down the garage attic steps and plan to look for the box with our Vietnam trip photos. If you don’t hear from me all day, send out the troops. Or food.

UPDATE: FOUND. TWO large photo albums (yes boys and girls, there were photo albums in the old days) of our trip through Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. It might take a day or so to decide which pix to post because I have to scan them all first.

Last night’s Vietnam episode was particularly gruesome yet moving. But so good.

Happy Hump Day.

10 thoughts on “Way over my pay grade

  1. Good morning,

    I was meaning to ask you about the Vietnam documentary. (Lots going on now, so finding time to comment has been challenging. All good, though😊) I’ve put it on the DVR, and am wondering how violent/disturbing it is. Likely too much for the 7yo, but maybe ok for the 12 yo war monger. Although probably not the best to watch before bed…

    Haven’t updated the iOS yet, may hold off, thanks.

    1. The documentary is VERY graphic. Dead bodies kind of graphic. Burning homes graphic. War footage in general is never easy to watch but I found last nights episode bordering on gratuitous graphic footage.

      Only you know your children to make the call. I would suggest the 12 year old do some learning about the country before starting to watch the series.

  2. I like the changes to iOS 11, especially the photo editing and marking up opportunities. Easier to drop a photos into a text or email. Reviews are mixed. Issues with battery life and people who don’t have much phone storage are struggling to download upgrade.


  3. EOS…are you going to move on up to the iPhone 8? Or live life in the fast lane and go for the X? As a fellow iPhone 5 owner, I feel I’m now due for the latest and (hopefully) greatest from Apple. I’ll likely splurge and pre-order the X next month. That should serve me for another several years.

  4. Your iPhone 5 will not receive the iOS 11 update.

    Which devices will become obsolete with the new update?

    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5C
    iPad (3rd Generation)

    1. Hardly obsolete. With iOS 10 these devices can remain more than just useful to many folks for a long, long time.

      1. My iPhone 5 doesn’t like being alive anymore. Even with the new battery it loses battery quickly. It can be at 30% then drop to 2% in a spit second, just opening a site or app. Plus, I have size envy so I want the new X for that alone. The 5 has been good to me but it’s time to put her down.

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