19 thoughts on “José Comes ashore in Rhode Island

  1. Beautiful. Lucky that it won’t inflict damage other than stirring up huge surfer waves. Puerto Rico isn’t so lucky, nor other Caribbean islands.

    1. Yes John, that is true. Coincidentally, as you posted your comment I was texting an old friend who lived on PR in 1995 and she, in her high-rise apartment in Condado, went through two Category 3 hurricanes. 130mph winds, days of torrential rains. All the windows in her apartment leaked plus, she added, the ceiling in her closet leaked drenching all her work clothes in rust colored water. Electricity off for weeks each time.

      I didn’t mean the footage to be akin to Maria. I hope it wasn’t taken that way.

      1. Geez, what movie was that from? I’m not a Nicholas Cage fan except one or two flicks. I have to go back to Fast Times at Ridgemont High to find a good movie he did.

        He’s a strange guy, not to mention one who isn’t very financially adept. Didn’t he have a house(s) in RI confiscated for not paying taxes?

        1. You’ve a better memory than me, all I remember was Phoebe Cates.

          I don’t know whether he really is weird or just plays it in the movies, but, I wouldn’t cross the street to see a Nick Cage flick unless there was some compelling story line.

          He spends money like there’s no tomorrow – but, he’s got great taste (mostly) with a nice collection of cars, real estate, etc. That place of his in Rhode Island is definitely sponge-worthy:


        2. Phoebe Cates is a fixture on NYCs UES. She owns a little boutique called Blue Tree where all the mamma-bones shop. She tends the store herself. Pretty regular gal. Married to Kevin Kline.
          Now, as for the RI house. It’s expunge-worthy to my eye. Over the top. Nelson Pond is in Middletown, one hamlet over from Newport. Did the house eventually sell? Seems very Newport to me but not in the good sense of the really gorgeous Newport “cottages”.

        3. Cage did sell the house for $6.2m in 2011(?). It is in Middletown on Gray Craig Road, with several other old mansions that have sat unsold or tough to sell for years. I think you even blogged about this once.

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