When Did This Happen?

I’ve been hearing that gas prices are rising because of Harvey and Irma, but whoa, this is more than a little increase. I buy middle grade so I paid $3.10/gal today. Kinda knocked me for a loop.

Is it just NY or are the rest of you seeing this giant increase?

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  1. Having just arrived from Florida, I can report the following best price for regular gas seen along I-95
    FL 2.49
    GA 2.59
    SC 2.39 with club discount
    NC 2.69
    VA 2.49
    MD 2.89
    PA 2.89
    NJ 2.49

    1. Thanks for being our personal Gas Buddy app.

      In the old days the NJ price would have been under $2.00 compared to the rest, they were THAT cheap. Christie saw to undoing that rather than raise taxes.

  2. I’ve also noticed an increase at the pumps. While I live in Greenwich, I fill up just across the border in Po Cho as prices there are meaningfully lower due, I believe, to lower gas taxes…thank you moroon (cross between a moron and a baboon) Malloy.

    1. Gosh, we NYers used to cross the border into CT to get MUCH cheaper gas. Malloy has screwed up a lot in CT but I didn’t know he ruined gas prices too.

  3. While you were not looking Chris Christy raised NJ gas tax by 22.5 cents last Thanksgiving.

    When I left Florida on Aug 21 for the eclipse, gas was $1.95 there and I even saw $1.85 in VA, which is now my cheap gas state.

  4. Average price near me for regular gas is about $2.65. I’ll get some tomorrow which will cost $2.36 after a supermarket discount of $.20/gallon. Best price is at Costco but there isn’t one close enough to me to make the trip worthwhile.
    We have good friends in MD and always stopped in NJ for has en route.
    Weather today turned out to be a real dud. No surf. No rain. Even the fog was so so. I postponed plans for both today and tomorrow. A Boston tv station is predicting Maria will hit New England.

    1. That rendition should go down in some hall of fame, just not sure which. Had I chosen AutoPlay in YT, the next RocketMan was Stewie singing it. It only had 43k views so I didn’t play it. I may go back later, post coffee, and see hear Stevie’s version.

      Read yesterday that the moniker RocketMan for a NoKo leader was coined by The Economist, back a decade ago, describing the father.

      1. The Stewie one is okay, but, an animated version just doesn’t come close to melodramatic WTF that ONLY William Shatner can deliver.
        Glad to hear that there is precedence for the name.

  5. Iowa gas prices are about $2.49. However our local grocery store chain offers fabulous “gas points” discounts every day. Example: spend $50, earn $.50 off per gallon. Last weekend we earned $1.50 worth of credits. I’ve filled up my cars a number of times for less than a dollar.

        1. I’m old but not that old. My best recollection is I paid 25c+/- per gallon for my Corvair at the Greenville Esso station, 1964. Would that be right?

          In the second photo, what does the R.R. tax mean? Railroad??

        2. I did a little research to try to find an answer. Turns out this pic was taken in 1938 in New Mexico. Someone on a BB asked the same question. This answer sounds reasonable and matches your guess besides:

          Re: What’s in the price of gas? [Re: Nicole]
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          Hi Nicole,

          It’s been awhile and I’m happy to see that your interest in history continues and your sharp eye catches things.From what I know,that pic is 1938 and taken by Dorothea Lange (she was good!!)in Santa Fe.

          If that is true,in 1938 I would bet that the gas was delivered by railroad,hence the RR,and was shipped through a broker,agent, of some sort.In 1938,a RR would have been the most dependable form of delivery,IMO,and an “agent” AKA wholesaler would have been the supplier also selling to other stations.

          Today,many deliveries are made from terminals supplied by pipe lines to tank farms and distributed by tanker trucks.

          I’m just going on NM history and location of supply sources.I f anyone else has other thoughts,I wold love to hear them.


        3. So fascinating. Not only the part about the gas pricing and the RR tax, but that the photo was taken by Dorothea Lange. We went into a DL museum once, maybe Palm Springs??? She does amazing work.

          Thanks for the research. A+. You may proceed to lunch period now. 😀

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