How did they Know I Needed this?


In the mail on Saturday, a giant manila envelope full of calendars, notepads, address labels, birthday cards, and a fine DreamCatcher. I should have hung this last night because I had the most bizarre set of dreams and the DreamCatcher is supposed to catch the bad dreams and let the good ones go through. Alas my bad dreams stuck, deep.

Now, I ask you, why ON EARTH is St. Joseph’s Indian School printing and mailing all this stuff and what mailing list did they buy that found MY name on it? I’ve never been to South Dakota and I’ve ever given to any Indian charities that I am aware of. Moreover, how can they afford to print and mail all of this? Do they get to mail it all free, as part of some white people reparations deal with Indians?

I do like that they call themselves Indians, not Native Americans. That’s the bonus of this pack of goodies.

Oppressively humid and dense air day. I want it to rain and get it over with, be done and back to Indian Summer – or is that Native American Summer? 🙂

6 thoughts on “How did they Know I Needed this?

  1. You’d be surprised to find out that they actually do make money from donations, and then, they re-invest it in their items to complete the circle. They send these out to proclaim to the world that they are still alive and here. They are present in your dreams. All the good dreams are about them…thus the Dreamcatcher.

    1. Well that’s great then. I always feel crappy accepting the gifts and not donating but of all the charities I do happily support, none is Indian based.
      Thanks for the excellent comment, setting me straight, and for stopping by!

        1. I’m going to Google the school and see what I come up with. I’ll follow up here.

          Update: I found several articles/stories from back in 2014 talking about how the school is real and they get a ton of money from donations, but that they use fake stories to draw you in. Here’s Anderson Cooper at CNN from 2014.

          Also Charity Navigator, my go-to before shelling out any money, has no rating on the school, although it states that because the school is a religious organization, it isn’t obliged to file that information but for me, it leaves them them off my give list. Interesting to read the comments under the Charity Navigator listing:

  2. Big breaking news tonight from CNN that Manafort was wiretapped at Trump Tower. Jake Tapper called Trump a liar when Trump back in March said Trump Tower was being tapped. Now CNN is reporting its true. This is Who’s On First, MSM Style.

    The libs and NeverTrumpers are thrilled saying Manafort is going to take Trump down. Trump supporters are saying seeeeee, Trump was right all along.

    Gonna get down and dirty fast.

    1. I am seeing some of this playing out on Twitter. But was glued to Vietnam Part 2 and also Giants game. Need to play catch up on story before answering intelligently, or a reasonable facsimile of intelligence.

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