Monday Mashup

Here’s the now suspended John Jay College Adjunct who loves the thought of dead cops.

I’d like to know who thought it was a good idea to hire this dude in the first place. John Jay College is pretty high in the ranks.

Parenting 101

Jose and Maria are singing The Rumble from East Side Story. Waves already churning along RI coast from Jose and may hamper my trip to Delaware tomorrow. It’s a long six-hour r/t drive when it’s pouring and forecasters are saying NY will get rain. You coastal CT residents may get the wind.

Speaking of wind and rain, here’s the last pic from Earth Image post-Irma. The flag was still there. No word from Peter for a few days so I trust he’s busy cleaning up to move back into his house. I read that people in Miami with solar panels are not allowed to use them. Is that right?

I call this tweet Cindy-Math. There’s NO WAY Whole Foods customer base has increased 25% in what, three weeks or a month since the price cuts were announced? Plus, take into consideration August, when 99% of WF customers were on Nantucket, without a WF. This is malarkey.

This is the cover The New Yorker planned to use when Hillary was elected. Bwa-hhaaaa. Looks like Goodnight Moon to me. Goodnight great oval room. Goodnight Deplorables.

Speaking of rotten liberals, look how one of them taunted and harassed this young man standing outside a Costco protesting Hillary’s book signing. Nice, eh?

In the funniest low news of the day, the Trump bashing fest, know as the Emmy awards last night, got some 50% lower viewership, the lowest numbers in the history of the show. I am thrilled to learn this. I didn’t watch. I actually didn’t even watch the first episode of Vietnam. I opted for football.

But the Monday Mashup ends with the best of the best, a revised version of the retweeted meme of Trump’s golf shot hitting a falling Hillary, this one with a football. The meme has exploded but this one is priceless. The cookie heiress Aylssa Milano reported Trump to Twitter for harassing women. I can’t stop laughing myself.

22 thoughts on “Monday Mashup

  1. One giant multiple choice for Monday!

    I’ll pick the Newsweek story that the Emmy viewership was down 50%. What do I win?

  2. I didn’t watch the Emmy’s either and the clips I’m seeing in news this morning is reason why. Self-indulgent actors without a soul letting out their hate on Trump is sick. Jane Fonda should have thanked her plastic surgeon. She’s still an angry USA hater.

    José will give you problems tomorrow. Looks like lots of rain.

    Muggy here again today. Great mashup. Thanks.

    1. I’ve just made the call to my mother to tell her I’m not coming tomorrow. Even the slightest amount of rain turns the GWB and NJT into a hot mess. Lots of rain, no thanks.

      I saw clips of Jane Fonda. She’s made no bones (pun intended) about all the plastic surgery she’s had but I guess the doctors were unable to remove all the hate she carries inside her heart. Too bad.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out. We are a couple of days out from moving back in. Our street managed to get a dumpster delivered and everyone is tossing away like mad. Crows and sea gulls flying over like the movie Birds with all the refrigerator trash in the bin.

    We got a mold test and are good to go. The wood floors downstairs were pulled out completely so the underlayment could dry out before we decide what to put down new. We brought with us to Atlanta all the important papers and photo albums etc so anything we lost was of no real consequence, thankfully. Neighbors feeling the same way.

    The solar panel story is true.

    1. Peter, thanks so much for the update. I’m sure you will be anxious to get back home and good news about no mold and not losing anything of importance.

  4. Peter, so glad to hear you are back home. Even though this storm was a great aggravation, we all know that we fared relatively well.

    I watched part 1 of the Vietnam series. It was a fascinating history lesson on Vietnam from 1850 or so to 1961. Very few scenes of US involvement during the 1960’s during this episode. I learned a lot in that 90 minutes and would recommend to others.

    1. I had planned to be gone all day getting chores done before going to Delaware tomorrow but now that I’m not going, I’m going to carve out time today to watch the first Vietnam episode that I recorded. Glad to hear it was good.

  5. I was pleasantly surprised by the first Vietnam episode. Given Ken Burns’s political leanings, I was expecting an agenda. They were quite open about acknowledging “Uncle Ho’s” atrocities against his own people in the North after the partition of Vietnam in the 50s and his efforts to undermine the South. Once the French left and the partition occurred, it wasn’t quite the “war of independence” that it is often portrayed to be. In my mind, it really was the aggression of the communist North to impose their system on the people of the South who didn’t want it. Not that different from what happened in Korea. Viewed that way, it makes sense to me why five different presidents found it important to fight the war.

    1. Thanks for the review. I too was worried about The Burns Effect retelling history in his eyes. I’m grabbing another cup of joe now to watch.

      UPDATE: I watched the first episode and loved it. Very well done with historical footage as well as interviews or key players. I had to pause during it to find out who the hell the Narrator was. I KNEW his voice and at first to me it sounded like Peter Fonda, but I didn’t think even Ken Burns would do that, but come to find it’s Peter Coyote but that doesn’t help me to know HOW and from what other TV show I know his voice. Anyone?

        1. I felt he was a perfect voice for the narrator. It can’t be easy to choose a narrator because they truly set a tone. I’m anxious for tonight’s episode. I especially loved the ending credits with photos of everyone as a youth. Bravo.

  6. I normally don’t comment on your political posts (I enjoy the rest of the content you post), but I have to say that for someone who recently decried “hate” and claims not to engage in it, you sure do spend lots of time gloating about Trump’s win, calling Hillary stupid and telling her to shut up, making fun of liberals (e.g., posting a meme suggesting they’re bad parents), and otherwise engaging in behavior that looks a lot like the hate you complain about to those who don’t share your views.

    1. Damn it, I’m a proud Deplorable. Don’t like it? Too bad. I was sick and tired of being ignored and debased during the Obama years. So I get to vent. You may call it hate. I call it evening the playing field. If that offends you, so be it.

      I get to make the rules here. Period.

    2. Someone has their panties in a bunch today.

      If Anonymous isn’t happy with your political POV, that’s his/her prerogative, so why bother commenting? Just don’t comment.

      I’ve always found EOS happy to entertain a reasonable conversation about politics.

  7. The text of Ken Burns show derives much from Barbara Tuchman’s 1984 work, “The March of Folly-from Troy to Vietnam”, which documents the political errors of government in pursuing “wooden headed” objectives with ample reasons to avoid bad outcomes known in advance and ignored.

    My birthday came up #1 in the re-instituted draft. John Kerry returned to Yale from Vietnam to warn us of what was ahead.

    1. It’s quite astonishing how many presidents dealt with Vietnam. I was blown away with how much $ TRUMAN threw at the French, did I see it says $330+million??

      I am not familiar with the book you cite. I’ll look it up later today.

      As for your birthday being number 1, does that mean you got called or did you choose to enlist or…..

      I’m on the hunt today for my stacks of photos from our tour through Vietnam. I think they’d be interesting and relevant to post here. Unfortunately, they are in box #34688543 in a bigger box in the attic.

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