This is too too funny!




I mean, isn’t this hysterical? Whoever wrote this, three cheers. I’m keeping this image in my favorites folder.

There has to be a million times to bring this out and use it. Thanksgiving, talking politics? Maybe I could imprint it on the linen napkins. Needlepoint it for Christmas gifts? The baby shower gift for the mom-to-be who has ten of everything?

I’m still laughing.

19 thoughts on “This is too too funny!

  1. I’m saving this too but how do I save an image? Or can I find it online to save?

    Got so hot here in Greenwich this afternoon I had to turn the air conditioning on. Humid.

    Thanks for the good belly laugh.

    1. Just right click the image and save. You can name it what you want.

      Coincidently, I turned on AC here about a half hour ago. It was oppressively still and muggy.

  2. Just the laugh I needed. There’s always something of note on your blog. I never know what I’m going to find which makes it so much fun.
    Very humid but not all that hot. Lovely fog along the coast a while ago. Air is clearing now. Am too much of a Yankee to even think about A/C after Labor Day.

    1. I hated turning the AC on. Really I did. But the humidity got to me. I hear it’s supposed to cool down by tomorrow but for this afternoon and tonight, ConEdision gets a few extra dollars.

      1. I’ll see your Mickey Apple Watch and raise you the Mickey Mouse rotary dial home phone I had at my house on Chappy. [admitting this with some embarrassment]. No wi-fi.

        1. Nice phone! Gotta say, the Mickey option on the Apple Watch is probably the least likely one l’d ever use and was a little sorry it was pictured in the story.

        2. You didn’t have a real Disney Mickey Mouse watch as a kid??? I’m pretty sure I did. We went to Disneyland (California) the year it opened and I got ears and a watch. Don’t have either anymore. Bummer.

        3. Olds Toronado. Is that like Sharknado? Not one of Olds prettier models, Barris and Mannix lineage notwithstanding. One of my friends on MVY had a yellow Olds 442 convertible. She was gorgeous (my friend) and so was her car.

          I’ll pass on the ugly Italian color combo of the Barris Convertible. But the yellow princess phone is a keeper. My princess phone was turquoise to match my 1964 Corvair convertible. God, I was cool. ๐Ÿ˜‚

        4. The stock Toronado was a stunning car (front wheel drive) for its time. Barris f’ed this one up.
          That 442 probably is worth more than your gorgeous friend paid for it (depending on condition).
          I still have my AT&T princess phone (gray, push buttons) for use when the power is out. Last time I used it was the ’89 earthquake.

        5. Damn friend, a photo of that gray princess phone should be your avatar. I’m not sure I believe you about when you used it last!!!

          Marian’s 442 bit the dust on MVY from ocean rust. It was cruel to cars.

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