All The Experts Say This is NOT a Good Idea but….UPDATED

UPDATE: at 2:40pm, I have not caved to be delivered by temptation or the pizza man. Had salad for lunch. Only seven more hours before bedtime.

….today I’d like to reward myself for being so diligent dieting since August 3rd.

I have not cheated once. No little slice of pie. No bread. No butter. No drinks. No wine. Not even much whine. And the scale has smiled back at my success.

Yesterday I made a batch of disgustingly healthy soup for sustenance- organic chicken broth with sliced baby bella mushrooms, celery, and carrots shreds and after my dinner portion, I started thinking about how I’d love a steak. A thick juicy steak with a baked potato. Or a hearty breakfast, like pancakes, or eggs with toast and home fries.

I’d like to eat ONE something today that is a reward but what? I won’t go whole hog (no pun intended) but here are my top three ideas, she said while drooling on the keyboard:

  1. Pancakes and bacon. I don’t have any bacon at home so if I do this, I’d have to run to the local diner. Order a short stack and bacon, then get out of there, quickly. Run home.


2. A sandwich. A big sandwich, with bread and mayo and lettuce. Like a juicy BLT.


3. A burger and fries, from Red Rooster in Brewster. Get this, in searching for “Red Rooster Hamburger”, guess what? I found my OWN blog photo from a years-ago trip to Brewster:


I’m not craving pie or cake or donuts – not even spaghetti. Not McDonald’s. Not Boston Market chicken with mashed potatoes. Not ice cream. Not chips and dip. Not cookies.

The craving is for something specific, almost like the old days of being pregnant, having oddball cravings. I am pretty sure I am not pregnant so this must be my body fighting back after so much healthy stuff in it.

I know I know. I can hear you all now: Don’t reward yourself for good behavior with food. I know I know.

But geez, I gotta have it. Just gotta.

I’m hoping whatever it is I do choose, I feel guilty as hell afterwards. I’ll let you know. And if I don’t feel badly, I’ll let you know that too.

I hear-tell the Emmy Awards are on today and the host, Steven Colbert, plans to make the entire theme TrumpHate jokes. Is there any wonder why we Deplorables don’t watch TV anymore? I wouldn’t watch tonight’s Emmy’s if someone told me they’d give me a million dollars to do so. Not gonna happen.

I might watch some football today although the Giants don’t play until tomorrow night. The Philadelphia Iggles are playing the Chiefs at 1pm and that might be fun. I don’t see the Patriots on the schedule today so maybe they have a bye.

Nothing else earth-shattering to report. so, Happy Muggy Foggy Humid Sunday.

22 thoughts on “All The Experts Say This is NOT a Good Idea but….UPDATED

  1. Not the pancakes because that means mounds of butter and syrup too. I’d go for the burger and fries, but get a small order of fries and no cheese on the burger. You’ll get the satisfaction of cheating without going crazy. The BLT depends on what bread you use and how much mayo. Good luck.

    1. It’s 7:43 and I haven’t had breakfast yet but the likelihood of having the pancakes now is slim, to none. Don’t really want to schlep to diner on this yucky Sunday morning. So one option down, two to go.

  2. Leave the house for the day to divert your mind from food. You’ve come this far it would be a shame to cave, even for one meal.

    If you must though, I agree with Jane. Have the burger and fries.

  3. I have no opinion on whether you eat a burger or pancakes but I do have an opinion on the Emmy Awards. All the awards are celebs patting themselves on the back for hating Trump but meanwhile what they don’t understand is that they are driving more and more people to the polls to vote Trump 2020.

  4. Your digestive system might rebel if it meets any of those meals. If I were in your shoes, I’d get lobster, a plain boiled lobster. Drawn butter is optional.
    Have a nice steak instead if you’re craving a burger.
    And, congratulations on getting so far on your diet. It’s very impressive.

    1. If I do cave, I am sure my digestive system will say WTH. So far today I’ve busied myself with house cleaning for company coming tomorrow but it’s only 9:16. Lobster is awfully rich. I was thinking fish too, but maybe sushi until I found out how many calories are in an eel roll, my favorite.

      1. Lobster itself is low cal. I’ve never thought of it as particularly rich by itself. . It’s the butter, mayo, stuffing that adds calories quickly.

  5. Hurry up and lose the weight so we readers don’t have to suffer more of these kinds of EOSr posts.

    In real news, today is the one year anniversary of Hillary’s Deplorable and Irredeemable comment. That’s something to cheer about because it brought about a Trump victory

    1. I hear ya. It’s pathetic I know. It’s like the smoker who quits. Your point is well taken.

      Now, as for your real news. Today is the anniversary? That’s freaking awesome. Notice how Hillary doesn’t mention this comment as a reason for her loss. I think it was up there in the top three that caused her the agony of defeat

        1. She doesn’t think it was determinant. Ha ha.

          But to back up, Jane Pauley makes it sound like Hillary herself came up with the word Deplorable. That’s even funnier than Hillary thinking her comment wasn’t determinant. She has never written one original thought.

        1. Hillary and huma were in Brookfield just yesterday,she’d be great for our diets.go to see her you won’t feel like eating for a week😃

        2. Ha ha. But also in Brookfield is a big Stu Leonard’s with the gotcha entrance of hot donuts and sticky buns.
          PS: Huma goes along with Hillary to these events?????

  6. It may be too soon to ask this, but, your pic made me think you need a dog. Remember all the preparation, the walks, the running upstairs and then downstairs to meet every one of Dawg’s requirements – your FitBit was probably off the charts. Well, how about again?

    1. Thought about it but I think we’ll live vicariously through other dog owners in the family. We miss Dawg terribly and it’s the first time we’ve been without a pooch since I don’t know when but we like the freedom of closing the door and leaving without one of the kids Dawgsitting or hiring a caretaker.

    1. Gutfeld has had a few versions of his own show over the years. Red Eye was the first I think, on at like 2 or 3 in the morning. I don’t know what happened but he handed over the reins to Tom someone, a guy I don’t think is too funny. One version of the GG show got panned because it didn’t have a live audience but I see he’s corrected that flaw. He can be funny but I don’t think he’s found the right platform yet. The Five is too tame for his wit and his own show doesn’t have a big enough following.

      I miss Dennis Miller. Now HE is funny and once O’Reilly was canned, Dennis Miller went off into the California sunshine.

      Speaking of Dennis Miller, kinda, I saw a Diners DriveIns and Dives recently with Guy Fieri in Detroit with Kid Rock at a restaurant Kid has some money in. Fieri has mentioned quite a few times that Kid Rock is a dear friend. Fieri must be a conservative because he’s also said that Dennis Miller is one of his oldest friends. The Detroit episode was old because at the end of this segment, after Guy congratulated him on his success, the owner looked into the camera and said “Yeh, I built that”, most definitely a jab at Obama.

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