Okay Okay. You Win. It’s back to the Cubic Blog Format


I do agree that the Cubic format allows for a wider range view of lots of posts at once but it does have its limitations, the one I really can’t stand is that the default for the headline is all caps. I believe I’ve even asked the peeps at WordPress and was told that could not change. I know you probably think it odd that one simple thing, like an all caps headline, would cause me to find another format, but you all know how particular I am – that aspect of the format really bugged me.

Cubic also has other faults, like randomly choosing which photo they think should be the first in queue and the one in the cube.

But okay, I heard your voices. You want this format back. So here it is!

Horribly muggy and foggy day, not an ounce of breeze, just dead sticky air. Slow out of the gate today and still sipping coffee, trying to decide what to have for breakfast.

Have a good Thursday!

21 thoughts on “Okay Okay. You Win. It’s back to the Cubic Blog Format

  1. The cubic format brings up a whole slew of previous posts now. I didn’t scroll all the way but I don’t remember seeing so many before.
    As for upper case lettering in titles, I don’t have an opinion one way or the other. Looks fine to me as it is. The photos stand out much more than the headlines.
    Too early to tell what kind of day it will be.

    1. Yes I see that it’s blue. I didn’t intend it to be. It might be the default color palette. I’ll look into it later this morning.

      Done. Light blue background is gone. Back to white background but I’m still playing with the Blue for links etc.

    1. Ha ha. Only you can relate!

      For years I had a simple WP theme but WP stopped supporting it and it didn’t have a mobile appearance. One day I tried a new WP theme and when I didn’t like it, I found I could not go back to the original. I was screwed. That led me to the Cubic theme that I have used for a couple of years.

      Like you, I was looking for a theme that showed the comment total without clicking into the post. The theme I had up for two days did that but my peeps balked at the appearance. So I figure the blog is all about making my peeps happy and they voted this theme, even without the comment total visible. Good luck with your New and Improved formatting.

  2. OT: I’m getting very angry at Trump today, he making deals with Schumer and Pelosi on the DACA bill. I bet he’ll accept the DREAMers after promising he wouldn’t. He also said this morning “the wall can come later” which means he must have a deal with the Dems. He’s losing my support quickly.

    1. The morning news is conflicting. Pelosi and Schumer touting a deal. Trump and the WH saying not so fast. I did hear the “later for the wall” comment and not sure what that means. Agree Trump will lose a big hunk of his base if he allows the Dreamers act to stay intact and waits to build the wall. This mess is really the fault of the R’s for not repealing ObamaCare. Once that didn’t happen and Trump knew the Rs were a bigger battleground than Pennsylvania, I think he figured eff the R’s, I’ll deal with the Dems.

  3. For what it’s worth, here in Atherton, with my ancient AT&T dsl, it takes f…o…r…e…v…e…r for the Cubic format to load on my iPad. But, hey! First world problems, capisci?

    1. Huh. I was just moosing through my settings and I see one of the default settings is to allow high speed loading on mobile devices. Anyone else finding the Cubic takes forever to load?

      I don’t know what to say other than, tough noogies. [kidding]

      PS: I’ve changed from Infinite Scroll to making the top 27 posts be on the “first page”. See if that makes a difference.

      1. Too damn funny.

        Hey, you got sunshine in Cali today? If yes, can you send some our way. We’re stuck in a holding pattern of rain and fog and heavy mist. Thank you. You may send it COD.

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