Just Say Noooooooooooooooo


Always on the hunt for a healthy crunchy munchies, especially one with few calories, almonds are often my go-to but I got tired of the regular Blue Diamond almonds and saw the Salt ‘n Vinegar ones yesterday so I did a Mary Tyler Moore show intro scene where I threw these almonds into my cart with an eye roll.

They are awful. So awful they are almost inedible. I love(d) salt and vinegar potato chips, love vinegar on fried clams (back when I ate fried clams), love salt and vinegar most things….. but NOT almonds.

I do note (now, too late) that the bag says clearly artificially flavored but it’s beyond artificial tasting, it’s like eating a tablespoon of salt then drinking a cup of red wine vinegar. If you are thinking of buying these, pass.

The question now is what do I do with this bag, open only yesterday, with less then ten consumed. Any takers? Free!

18 thoughts on “Just Say Noooooooooooooooo

    1. Gosh, I didn’t even SEE that it said Intense Taste. Lord, eating the few I did must have blinded me. For sure it killed my taste buds.

      Cheese and onion what? Not cheese and onion almonds I hope.

    1. Yes. I’ve tried those. Not bad but they need to be tempered with a beer or something. Like the salt and vinegar ones, eating them as a stand alone snack is bad.

      1. That’s not a bad idea. I was wondering if there’s a case to be made for grinding them into a flour and using them that way – for what I don’t know. Just thinking out loud.

  1. Would you believe I am finally home? Like RDW said, I’m not even sure what day today is let alone how many days I’ve been gone. The house is a mess, power out for a very long time so the stench from the rotting food is overwhelming. Wood floors warping from flooding under the front and back door. The street was severely flooded – you can see the high water mark. Limbs down. Power is back up and the clean-up begins. My wife got sick from some bad food on the way home so we stayed in New Smyrna Beach a second day until she felt better. At that point we didn’t care when we got home. We heard from neighbors who got back that it was a mess.

    1. Oh my. That’s not the story I was hoping to hear from you. I’m so sorry the house is a mess and even sadder to learn you incurred damage. Is the house even habitable? Doesn’t sound like it is with the stench and warping floors. Darn.

    2. I’m sorry Peter. All of us were hoping you’d return to a house like you left it. I wish there was a way for us to help.

    3. Oh, how awful. That’s a double whammy with your wife’s food poisoning 😞 The wood floors sound problematic. Our community south of you is hoping to have electricity back by Sunday evening. Walter should be back working by the morning. They are discouraging people from coming to check their properties as they are still working to clear roads. And the news from the lower keys is sounding pretty grim. It will be a while before services are restored…

    4. Be careful of mold Peter. I’ sure you know that already but it’s serious and if your floors are warped, probably best to rip them up and make sure there’s no mold under them. Best wishes man. It’s tough news to hear.

      1. Thanks for the comments. We can not live in the house yet but we have friends down the street who had no damage and never lost power who are putting us up, or putting up with us!

        My immediate next door neighbor is a retired contractor and he’s helping everyone on the street get back up. We borrowed gloves and large trash bags to throw out entire kitchen and a rug or two. We have fans going to air out the house and then we’ll see about the flooring and mold.

        We won’t move back in until we get some mold testing done.

        1. Sounds promising. Keep us posted if you can. I’m thinking the retired contractor is coming out of retirement this week. Glad he’s there to help and thrilled to know neighbors can house you while you repair. Good luck.

        2. Aw, gee whiz, Peter. I’m so sorry you came home to that. Hang in there and know the EOS crew is thinking of you. Thanks for taking the time to update us.
          Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold. Sorry we aren’t there with gloves and heavy duty contractor trash bags.
          Grab a politician. They’re usually good for blowing hot air. Could help dry things out.

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