Jemele! Jemazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated..


Jemele Hill, a (um, black) anchor at ESPN, has pronounced Trump a white supremacist and so too all his followers. She feels threatened. Right.

She seems to hate anyone white who is running for office, giving Kid Rock similar despicable treatment. But look at the number of Likes and RTs Jemele on the Kid Rock tweet, so it says her hate isn’t going to deaf ears. And that number of Likes and RTs is from way back on September 11.

ESPN did nothing to her other than to wishily-washily say her comments didn’t reprsent the postion of ESPN. But we all know her statement DOES reflect ESPN’s position for if they were truly offended, they would have fired her.

But can you imagine the whopping lawsuit Jamele would levy on ESPN if she were fired. Discrimination redux – being female and black. Not gonna happen, ever.

So, like so many other things that espouse TrumpHate, they just disappear from my radar. I didn’t watch ESPN much anyway, never Jemele’s program, but on occasion the golf is aired on ESPN.

It goes to something I’ve been saying for a long time- why do people spend so much time hating? To what avail? Does it make THEM feel better or do her fans all also hate Trump so they feel less threatened?

It’s a sickness, all this Trump Hate. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders and all his socialist buddies are hawking single-payer insurance (which is what Obama wanted all along), Hillary is making all the rounds on her book promo tour, and both Amazon and Walmart have already discounted her book 40%. Ha ha ha.

20 thoughts on “Jemele! Jemazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated..

  1. I had the misfortune of listening to Hillary blame everyone but herself on the View. I was trapped in the waiting room for my annual physical. It’s no small miracle my blood pressure stayed normal.

    1. OMG, The View?? I would not have had the strength to watch that show. I’m glad you’re still alive to share your tale of woe.
      Hillary’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. I can’t listen or watch. She honestly thinks her loss was not her fault. Phew.

    1. Clay was on Tucker Carlson last night and while I don’t usually watch Tucker, I did happen to last night when Clay was on. I’d never heard of Clay before but he seemed to know his stuff. I don’t know of Linda Cohn either but what she said seems incredibly sane and true and crikey, if she got fired for that, there’s no hope left.

      And what’s this about Hope Hicks suspended from Twitter already? What on earth for? I don’t follow her.

        1. I’m on Twitter now and am seeing two different sides of the story. One says the old Hope Hicks account was not real. Others say she was targeted by the alt-left and taken down. Stop blaming either way. And Keith Olbermannn continues yelling FU** at everyone.
          PS. The Hillary remix video is da bomb. It’s whack. It’s dope. Love it. I’m half tempted to send it to my sister!!! Ha. I’d forgotten all about the bark. Hilarious. I swear in my next life I’d like to be clever enough to create YT videos and funny gifs. What talent.

        2. Hillary said today that successful women are hated and because she’s successful men didn’t like her. I wonder if she lays in bed thinking of this crap to say or she has speech writers write it for her. Look at all the successful women who aren’t hated Hillary. You were not liked because you are a dishonest liar. Your’re not successful either.

  2. I don’t happen to like any female sports reporters, except maybe Pam Oliver. They are only there for “diversity” not because they know football or ice hockey or basketball. Golf, maybe okay, if the reporter was on the LPGA tour, but a women for the sake of a woman reporting on a man’s sports event, no.

    1. Darn. I wrote a long response and it disappeared. I’ll respond in a bit.

      Try two: While I kinda agree in theory, that most women sports reporters are only hired to be the token female, and that most of them don’t really understand the sport like guys do, there are exceptions. I do think they are also hired for their looks – Erin Andrews as a non-good looking women would probably not make it on air. The double standard is the men reporters can be old and paunchy and even bad at reporting the sport, but the women have to be good looking, even if they don’t know the sport.

      It’s a tough field to be in.

  3. I’m watching Mornings with Maria and her panel feels Jemel’s comment was all about wanting 15 minutes of fame. Her comment was so incendiary and unrelated to her job that the panels felt she was looking for a bigger tv deal.

  4. Re: in response to your mention of Bernie Sanders. My husband and I had dinner with a doctor friend who did vote for Donald Trump. I asked him about the possibility of ‘single payer.’ To my surprise he felt it would be a good thing. This friend is low key and thoughtful. Now I will have to delve into this huge kettle of ‘anti-biopics!’ xx

    1. Huh. Out of curiosity, did he expound on why a single payer would be a good thing? I would think doctors would not like this option at all. Interesting.

      1. He said that doctors don’t like ObamaCare and would prefer single payer because it would be easier all around. Less paper work, etc. I asked if research and development would be compromised. He said he didn’t think so. He also mentioned the high price of dental work.
        I will keep pursuing his thoughts. Of course, as in UK, you head for a specialist if you can afford to.

        1. I realize paperwork is the bane of all health care providers even tho now much of it is probably electronically transmitted. I figure if we ever get to single payer we’ll also be living under a socialist president so I hope and pray that never comes to fruition. Many doctors now don’t even take insurance.

          It’s a fascinating topic. I don’t know any doctors personally with whom to have this dialogue. Thanks for starting the conversation.

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