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What started out back in September 2010* as a blog to highlight some of my Earth Ocean and Sky photography has evolved (or devolved, depending on your point of view) into a multi-layered blog, talking about anything from my mailman to politics to real estate to who knows what but yesterday, outside much of the day, I caught a Monarch doing its thing and remembered my blog roots….

Herewith…my roots….my blog roots that is!








*Actually, what started in September 2010 was EOS Redux, Version Two of this booming enterprise. The Original EOS blog opened in 2009 I think, and long story how it shut down and even longer story how I reappeared as Redux. Suffice it to say, I’m glad I came back, I enjoy being here (most days) and am learning how to balance actual life with blogging about life, and most of all I love having you all around for the ride. So many of you have been here since day one of version one and for those who are newcomers, that’s even more fun.

Thanks for hanging in there so many years – except those weenies who bailed during the Trump Season. Need to have a thick skin to hang around here.

Happy Wednesday.


24 thoughts on “Back to EOS Basics

  1. Great photos. Have u noticed how few Monarchs there are? I’ve been doing a running count & have see only 15 ALL season! That’s tragic
    Nice to see you return to your roots!!

    1. I think this is the FIRST monarch I’ve seen so close to the house. I think I spotted a couple down in the back gardens at the butterfly bushes but not many. I read yesterday that the monarch has all but disappeared on the west coast.

  2. I’m a Noobee to EOS, came via an old post you did on Pepcid Complete that linked me here and have been hooked ever since. I like the new format today, the blue is better than the black and red.

    1. Thanks John. It’s always fun to know how someone got here. That Pepcid post goes way back and I still get comments on it from when people search “What Happened to Pepcid Complete”? Thanks for coming, and staying.

      The blue isn’t quite right yet and I’m still trying to darken the black of the post font and enlarge the type face, maybe up to 18pt. It’s pretty small for my eyes. I’m a slow learner at the CSS pages of the blog.

    1. Yes, it does look nice on the iPad. Agree it is unattractive, and very different on the iPhone, at least on MY iPhone, circa 1902. On my iPhone I don’t even see the butterfly header and the font is generic. Anyone with a newer iPhone, can you tell me what you all see.

  3. The only thing that was great about the old format was you could see nine or more posts in one “eye”, then decide which you wanted to click. It was like an old Brady Bunch tile. This is pretty and I can see why you like it. Nothing will please everyone.

    1. Good point about the old tile format. I agree it made scrolling lots of posts easier. I always hated that its default headline type was all caps and I couldn’t find a way to change that. I know that seems a silly reason to change but I speak like Chandler Bing and when I want emphasis, I want that word to BE in caps.

  4. Hellooooo from NOT home yet. We and ten million others were trying to get back to south Florida from the Atlanta region. Long lines. Slow going. Only got as far as New Smyrna Beach last night, hoping to get back to Miami today.

    I like the new format and me too, here from the beginning. I came from the reading BronxBoy’s blog.

    1. Peter, no way. You aren’t home yet?? I can only imagine the congestion on the roads. My Vero friends got back from Asheville to find all was well. They never lost their power. Lots of limbs down but no real damage. Hope the same will be for you.

      You came here from Bronx Boy’s blog? I didn’t know that. He had an amazing following – he’d get several HUNDRED comments and likes on one post. Just like me! 🙂

  5. I came here via FWIW. His and yours are the only blogs I read on a daily basis. Heck, they’re the only blogs I read.
    I like the tile format slightly better. How’s the mail delivery situation? Got a fancy outfit for the shower?
    Thanks for providing a very friendly, informative place to hang out.

      1. Hard to say if the tile format was better on my iPhone because I don’t use the iPhone to read much at all. In fact, I had to find it so I could answer you earlier. I use my iPad Pro for almost everything.

  6. Being the child of a divorce at an early age, any re-arrangement of the furniture gives me a panic attack that something terrible is about to happen.

    Ditto your blog format. The advantage of the tiles was seeing so many entries on the first page.

    Having been around from the early days, let me say a big thank you for keeping it going.

    No power in sight in Pinellas County Florida. Duke Power Outages in County = 415,000. In Tampa, 23. Not 23,000; just 23. Now on generator.

    1. Thanks for checking in. 23 w/o power. Oh my. Hope your generator runs the fridge so you don’t have to trash its entire contents. Good luck.

      Re the blog format, I understand change is hard and as I said to Swanton and others, this is just a test. I may go back to the tile over the weekend. It’s supposed to rain so I’ll have indoor time to tinker with the blog.

      I’m touched and delighted you’ve been a reader the whole time. An integral part and contributor too. Thanks.

    2. It is so hard to keep the days straight after all this hurricane stress. We left greater Orlando, actually Lake Mary in Seminole County, at 11am on Monday when the curfew lifted. A 6pm curfew was in place and I was googling ‘is there a curfew on I4’ and debating making a run for I4 which was several blocks away, and we got a text saying curfew in Seminole County was lifted at 11am. I heard police in Orlando were telling motorists through their bullhorns to get off the road or they would be arrested as the curfew was still in place. Given all this, we were able to make reasonably good time home.

      By the time we got back to Sarasota, curfew was lifted here. On Bird Key where we live, utilities are underground as that was the decision of the homeowners association when houses were first built here in the 1960’s. It is humorous that this aging infrastructure which fails frequently on a perfectly calm day and is scheduled to be replaced within a couple of years stood up to a Cat 1 hurricane and so far we have not lost power. Much of Sarasota and Manatee counties are still without power and will be with estimated service restoration by Sep 22. On Longboat Key, some people are trying to play the ‘do you know who I am?’ game with Florida Power and Light, which I suspect will not get them far. I remember Hurricane Sandy in 2012? and being on generator for a week, then passing that generator on to others once our power was restored in Riverside. Local businesses here are slowly reopening, but my wife’s eye appointment this morning was cancelled because they had no power.

      Our only damage was a soaked rug in living room as water came in through the front door and at least one set of windows when front of house was pounded by the west side of the hurricane. Builder was here earlier today trying to figure this out.

      We learned so much through this experience. All the info cited by EI, which directly contradicts the sensationalist reporting from The Weather Channel reporter in Naples, FL is available online, pretty much in real time. I lost so much respect for TWC after examining facts as highlighted by EI and other info on local storm surge readily available online.

      If the attachment works, this is a cool story about sheltering in a local hotel. Aloft is a good choice in Sarasota. I heard that both the Ritz Carlton and Westin closed for the storm. We might have seen this lady as when we left our 2nd car on the 3rd floor of a downtown Sarasota parking garage, the lady who parked next to my wife got into her husband’s pickup truck where visible among the humans was a big german shepherd head. I always notice them as that was my dog that I walked in Riverside for over 8 years, after getting him as a 4 year old rescue.

      1. RDW: I am so appreciative that you keep us in the loop with how you found your house once home. Remarkable (as in good) you had so little damage and ever more remarkable you were able to get home in good order. Peter, for all we know, is still driving south from New Smyrna Beach!

        The Aloft story is superb and really tells the tale of how locals helped locals, two and four-legged kind. I hope Aloft gets tons of future business based on their kindness during Irma and that the big bosses give the Sarasota manager a huge raise and Irma bonus. Thanks for the uplifting link.

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