21 thoughts on “Tuesday Pop Quiz

    1. Most excellent link. I’m a Reddit Virgin – how does it work? Do I have to create a moniker and log in like I do for Disqus and WP? Then what? Walk me through it and tell me if I should join the ranks. It seems all the cool kids are there.

      1. You can just lurk to your heart’s content or sign up and choose the The_Donald to subscribe to.
        I mainly just read the articles and comment infrequently, because the others usually have got it before I can get my mind in gear. I subscribed back, before the election and it kept me (and still keeps me) sane.
        Here’s a pretty good guide:

        Most of Reddit is a cesspool, not only for unsavory subject matter, but also, for a mindset that is less than kind to anyone right of Mao Tse-Tung. I suggest bookmarking The_Donald’s location and ignoring the rest of the site.

        1. Like I’m supposed to understand the Mashable video? I heard a lot of blah blah blah SubReddit upvotes blah blah.

          I’ll try lurking The_Donald and see if it makes any sense. I’m not holding my breath.

        2. I didn’t watch the video – sorry ’bout that.
          Lurking is, at least for me, the best way to get a feel for the place (and there is tons of stuff I still don’t know, but, I still get the essential information). A couple of days ago, there was a thread started by an older ‘pede (supporters of Trump refer to themselves as centipedes) talking about discovering this sub-reddit and others chimed in – but, I couldn’t find it (I’ll keep looking).

    1. Playing. I kinda like this one so far EXCEPT the type is too light and the red is all wrong. I haven’t figured out how to change that, if I even keep this format. I was looking for one that didn’t have the title in all caps.

  1. 1. Common Sense
    2. A balanced household budget
    3. Household bills paid on time
    4. Bible
    5. American Flag
    6. Nobody with I am a victim attitude
    7. Someone who pays taxes
    8. Someone who is not afraid to work and cuts their own grass if they have a lawn.
    9. Residents who have respect for the law.
    10. A computer with saved links to the EOS and FWIW blogs

    Did I miss anything?

  2. OT. Same Story and two different headlines on the web today.

    Wall Street Journal Headline:
    Supreme Court Reinstates Travel Ban’s Refugee Restrictions

    CNN Headline:
    Supreme Court blocks exemptions for some in Trump’s travel ban

    So another thing that you will find in a Trump supporters home: People with the ability to spot biased and fake news.

    Also, hats off to JohnG. Yes, you will find a DAD (two parents) in a Trump household . I missed that one. And this is the most important difference.

    1. Fake News Expert here! Graduate of MSNBC Fakery. Can spot it a mile away. Lately, even WSJ has fallen for a little fake news – not often, but on occasion.

      Yes, JohnG did capture a good one to notice.

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