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    1. Most excellent link. I’m a Reddit Virgin – how does it work? Do I have to create a moniker and log in like I do for Disqus and WP? Then what? Walk me through it and tell me if I should join the ranks. It seems all the cool kids are there.

      1. You can just lurk to your heart’s content or sign up and choose the The_Donald to subscribe to.
        I mainly just read the articles and comment infrequently, because the others usually have got it before I can get my mind in gear. I subscribed back, before the election and it kept me (and still keeps me) sane.
        Here’s a pretty good guide:

        Most of Reddit is a cesspool, not only for unsavory subject matter, but also, for a mindset that is less than kind to anyone right of Mao Tse-Tung. I suggest bookmarking The_Donald’s location and ignoring the rest of the site.

        1. Like I’m supposed to understand the Mashable video? I heard a lot of blah blah blah SubReddit upvotes blah blah.

          I’ll try lurking The_Donald and see if it makes any sense. I’m not holding my breath.

        2. I didn’t watch the video – sorry ’bout that.
          Lurking is, at least for me, the best way to get a feel for the place (and there is tons of stuff I still don’t know, but, I still get the essential information). A couple of days ago, there was a thread started by an older ‘pede (supporters of Trump refer to themselves as centipedes) talking about discovering this sub-reddit and others chimed in – but, I couldn’t find it (I’ll keep looking).

    1. Playing. I kinda like this one so far EXCEPT the type is too light and the red is all wrong. I haven’t figured out how to change that, if I even keep this format. I was looking for one that didn’t have the title in all caps.

    2. I like the new format. The red doesn’t bother me but the type face is light, hard to see, it needs to be black and not gray.

  1. 1. Common Sense
    2. A balanced household budget
    3. Household bills paid on time
    4. Bible
    5. American Flag
    6. Nobody with I am a victim attitude
    7. Someone who pays taxes
    8. Someone who is not afraid to work and cuts their own grass if they have a lawn.
    9. Residents who have respect for the law.
    10. A computer with saved links to the EOS and FWIW blogs

    Did I miss anything?

  2. OT. Same Story and two different headlines on the web today.

    Wall Street Journal Headline:
    Supreme Court Reinstates Travel Ban’s Refugee Restrictions

    CNN Headline:
    Supreme Court blocks exemptions for some in Trump’s travel ban

    So another thing that you will find in a Trump supporters home: People with the ability to spot biased and fake news.

    Also, hats off to JohnG. Yes, you will find a DAD (two parents) in a Trump household . I missed that one. And this is the most important difference.

    1. Fake News Expert here! Graduate of MSNBC Fakery. Can spot it a mile away. Lately, even WSJ has fallen for a little fake news – not often, but on occasion.

      Yes, JohnG did capture a good one to notice.

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