Maybe I Missed a Few Chances! Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha.

You mean I actually lost???? 

The GOOD news to come out of yesterday’s Irma coverage was that 90% were watching weather channels, not CBS where Hillary was interviewed.

I myself missed it but c’mon, let’s be serious, had there been no storm to cover, I wouldn’t have watched a Hillary interview.

From what I’ve heard, the only people she didn’t blame for her loss are the Munchkins in Oz.

She continues to insist she was a victim of sexism and had the nerve in the interview to double down on her Deplorables comment. I doubt she’ll ever understand us Deplorables. Ever. Hillary lives in rarefied air, in a protected bubble, surrounded by people who will forever blame others for the loss.

This cartoon is just one reason I voted for Trump. Perfect cartoon!

The interview I’m sorry I missed was on 60 Minutes last night. Arrogant Charlie Rose took on Steve Bannon, Rose hoping to walk away with an Emmy for taking down Bannon. The clips I’ve seen this morning and the snippets I’ve heard about online, Bannon owned the interview and walked all over Rose.

The Bannon interview takeaway is that he, now back at Breitbart, will help Trump really Drain the RINO Swamp. One quote I heard was Bannon saying Trump’s biggest mistake early on was embracing the Republican establishment. I agree. They are single-handedly trying to prevent Trump’s agenda.

Bannon has been crucified in the left media as every bad name in the book. I admit he’s a bit of a mystery to me but if he can orchestrate Draining The Swamp, I’m in.

Looks like a gorgeous Monday here. I’m still in coffee mode bummed the NY Giants lost and duly noting today is September 11. Never Forget.

10 thoughts on “Maybe I Missed a Few Chances! Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha.

  1. The Bannon interview was epic. Sorry you missed it. You know it had to be really good because none of the other channels, and not even CBS, is quoting from it. Charlie did his a-hole best to trip up Bannon, to get him to do a Nazi salute or call blacks lazy, but Bannon told Rose off at every twist and turn. This clip isn’t the full interview but pretty good representation of the overall tone. I didn’t watch the Hillary interview and don’t give a darn why she lost. All that matters is she lost.

    1. Bannon stated, correctly, that the firing of Comey was the biggest mistake in modern history. I’m watching Mornings with Maria now and the panel is in agreement that Trump really flubbed that one.

      Hillary. Who cares? Not me.

  2. I’m probably going to regret saying this but I feel sorry for Hillary. Her campaign team never gave her good information. They put her on a pedestal, from which she felt she could look down on Deplorables. Her Dem cohorts agreed looking down on Trump supporters was a good thing. I read she didn’t even have a concession speech, that’s how sure of a win she was.

    She needs to find some meaning in her new displaced life and not Clinton Foundation work. Work as in get her hands dirty volunteering. Whatever she does, I hope it’s far away from the cameras.

  3. In my opinion, the election pivoted on this 9-11 video of Hillary captured by a passerby. The dialogue changed from her email to her health. I think had no one seen this collapse happen the race results might be different today.

    Greenwich lost several residents on 9-11. I remember the catastrophe as if it were yesterday. Pence is going to Shanksville. Trump at the Pentagon.

    1. Posobiec is getting lots of serious pushback, deservedly so, for using the hashtag Never Forget in relationship to Hillary and not 9-11. Almost sacrilegious.

  4. The clip I saw of the Hillary interview she talked about buying the house next door to them in Chappaqua and how it would be for WH staff. That’s how 100% sure she was of winning.

  5. It’s a stretch to call it an interview. It was more like an all out attack on Bannon. Goading him at every chance. You could see Bannon clenching & unclenching his jaw through the entire thing but he never lost it & took the high road. I wanted to reach out & punch Charlie Rose senseless.

    1. True enough but we conservatives EXPECT goading and attacking by the MSM. Rose is an elitist snob unable, like Hillary and her sheeple, to grasp what a deplorable is, let alone understand why we came out in a stampede to make sure Hillary lost. I used to watch Charlie Rose PBS show until he got stuck in a haters mindset. And I used to like CBS This Morning until they too went into full Trump hate mode. Ugh.

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