It’s 6:30pm and My Mailman just delivered the mail!!

What possible excuse could he have? No bad weather. No trees down. No power outages. No Irma. Gorgeous sunny day.

He is notoriously tardy, in the 4-5pm range, but 6:30??? In RI, the mail woman comes faithfully between 12 noon and 12:02. Without fail. Neither sleet nor snow…. the Bedford mailman not so much. What a pain.

Off topic. I’ve lost 12 pounds. Legit. Too legit to quit. Yay me!!

18 thoughts on “It’s 6:30pm and My Mailman just delivered the mail!!

  1. Yeah you and think how good you’re are treating yourself! Good job!! – is it true after 21 days that’s the window and then it all becomes easier or at least accepted by your body?

    1. Yes I’d say 21 days was about it. Although today I was stupidly hungry all day.. I didn’t cave, I had more water instead, but as I was sipping it I was thinking steak pomme frîtes. 😬.

      I’ve gotten to the point where if I have over 700 calories a day I feel I’ve overeaten. I try and stick to 650 max.

    1. My favorite Family Guy episode of all time not only because of the song that I adore but because it’s the episode where Brian gets back at Stewie and pushes him into a moving bus!! Family Guy Gold!! Thanks.

        1. If I were back in college today, I’d get my PhD in Family Guy studies. There’s so much to understand about Brian and Stewie, not to mention Meg and Chris. Yikes.

  2. Methinks your house is on the mailman’s way home at the end of the day, and it’s just more convenient for him to drop off your mail on his way by. Have a conversation with the Postmaster. Bibi

    1. I’ve had my fair share of conversations with the postmaster that go nowhere. It’s gotten so bad that I worry that by speaking to the postmaster my mail is now purposely late. Ugh.

      Bibi, any word on your Florida digs?? Safe?

  3. A quick note to say we are heading back to Miami today. I thought I’d post my comment here rather than the incredible Irma post. We’ve heard from others that the roads South are clogged so we expect to take all day to get back to our home. Atlanta was the wrong place to evacuate to.

    1. Peter, I was hoping you’d check back in. Holler when you are home. Yes, it’ll be a long slog. Friends who returned to Vero said the roads were clogged.

    2. Peter, the news is saying 40% of gas stations from Orlando down to Miami are without gasoline. Use the Gas Buddy app.

  4. Trying not to assume the worst, it’s possible that your mailman had to cover part of the route, or take on some other duties, for another employee who wasn’t in that day. Just as you don’t love getting mail late, I doubt that the mailman wants to be working late!

    1. My mailman doesn’t want to work. Period. He’s perfectly pleasant but L-A-Z- Y with a capital L. He’s also sloppy. I always try and err on the side of being pleasant but over the years I’ve had plenty of “issues” with delivery. The biggest challenge for my mailman in putting MY mail in MY mailbox. At least two days a week I get ALL my neighbors mail.

      1. We had similar issues with one of our mailmen. Finally one of the others (not our regular) tipped us off. Our mailman was severely dyslexic! Seems having such a problem increased their likelihood of being hired! Bibi

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