Just Like a Boston Whaler Dauntless, Right?


Mr. EOS’s new fishing boat. He’s going green, foregoing the gasoline engine for paddle power. Note that it’s a ONE PERSON kayak. He knew better than to ask me to go along in this thing.

Minor detail, he just needs calm seas early in the morning for the kayak to keep him upright. He’s already found out, the hard way, how to climb back onto a flipped over kayak.

Me, a tad doubtful, I’m running to the fish market today. Ha.

14 thoughts on “Just Like a Boston Whaler Dauntless, Right?

      1. Wouldn’t know the difference myself, due to lack of familiarity with either. But two pp’s helps remember the correct spelling. Thanks.

    1. The old boat, which was affectionately named The CindyLou, even though I’m not a Lou, has broken ribs and a bad motor. This summer, with the grandkids, Mr. EOS did some kayaking and liked it enough to spring for this hot camo model. It has plenty of limitations but lots of plusses too. There is room for a cooler but never for beer when out fishing.

      1. The fish won’t hear as he sneaks up on them. I like his kayak. At my age, low maintenance is always a plus.
        Friends caught stripers and blue fish off Cape Cod yesterday.

        1. One of the biggest complaints Mr. EOS had about the CindyLou was she was loud because her motor was old. When he talks about the CindyLou like that I keep making sure it’s the BOAT he’s referring to!! πŸ˜‚
          His best friend is out every night catching stripers and bass. Good eating.

      1. Mike Rowe was a QVC anchor??????? How did I not know that.

        Now, as for the gang from Petticoat Junction, I can say honestly I never watched the show even though one of the stars, Meredith MacCrae, went to Colorado Woman’s College with me. Well, she was there. I was partying and skiing so it’s not correct to say we were both attending the college at the sane time. CindyLou Hoo is a fitting moniker for me. πŸ˜‚

        1. Sane time…. very good.

          Not sure there was a lot of love between Mike and QVC – he needed a job – they needed a presenter

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