14 thoughts on “I got sunshine on a cloudy day…..

    1. Huh. I responded to this comment an hour ago but it’s disappeared. The goats ate it??

      Anyway, I said Anything With a Bennie Hill theme song had me at hello. Great clip and I’d LOVE to do that to the neighbors cows. Trouble is I’d get caught. That’s a problem.

  1. I love the idea of rental goats, as long as they only eat the grass. (I’m behind the times due to school and all my Latin homework!)

    The president of our club just sent a very ominous email about Irma. The club is exactly where many are predicting her to make landfall. He said, “we were here for Andrew, and Wilma. We will survive.” But perhaps not without catastrophic loss. Ugh. Hoping, πŸ™ She turns north and the storm surge comes at low tide.

    1. I’ve been thinking of you with regards to the Keys and Irma. I think this is the time you say “glad to be renting and not owning”. Not that you’d ever want damage either way. I’d be hesitant to tough it out. The damage it’s done is indeed catastrophic. Keep us posted. Hope everyone is safe.

      1. We have a number of friends who sold vacation properties in vulnerable locations but return there every year and rent.

    2. I think you want sheep to mow your lawn and goats to eat brush and poison ivy. Goats aren’t crazy about grass.
      To all of our Florida and Georgia friends, stay safe. Scary storm.

      1. That’s how I understand it too. The goats are rented to eat the weeds and bad stuff. So if that’s true, why does anyone want to drink goats milk?

    1. I saw, only in passing, a snark post about Verrit via Twitter but when I read it I didn’t know anything about Verrit or that it was even related to HRC. The woman is certifiable. I hear her book is such a bitchfest that only the diehard I’m With Her fans will buy a copy. I don’t think even Bernie or Joe will buy the book.

      PS: Friends of The Blog get the house free of charge. Really, but not July or August. May. June. September. Early October.

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