That time it would have been smarter to stay home

I planned to meet up with some friends at the RI Country Club in Barrington. Hard to believe but from us, Barrington is almost an hour away. Through Bristol and Warren, which most times is a hot mess, slow going, narrow streets, lots of stopping for pedestrians. Today brought the delightful bonus of an immense thunder storm, torrential downpour, flooded streets.

Then I get to Nayatt Street in Barrington on which the CC sits and uh oh…

Tree down. Power outages all throughout Barrington. RICC too. Had to do the loopdeloo to get to the club and did but they had only minimal power.

Managed to have a nice lunch nonetheless, had to be something cold as ovens weren’t working.

Getting back was easier. Rain had stopped and I got a moment to pull over in Bristol to snap a few shots of boats in the harbor. Right after this shot, it poured again and has been raining steadily all afternoon. Good day to work inside.

6 thoughts on “That time it would have been smarter to stay home

  1. That’s why it’s called the Ocean State. Great picture of the boats.
    I’m impressed that once you saw the forecast you didn’t postpone lunch.
    We had one, good gale with thunder and lightning this morning followed by occasional drizzle. It’s very close, overcast and still now.
    Tennis on tv again tonight. Finally, there’s a roof at the US Open.

    1. The lunch was not my idea. I was being feted and treated. It was not up to me to cancel and my hosts live in Barrington so it was no problem for THEM!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Watching tennis now. I’m rooting for DelPo!

  2. Let’s see, lunch at the rental or a repast at anything with ‘country club’ in the name- I’ll take the latter. Besides, you got some neat ocean view pics.

    1. Agree. I will add that our rentals are pretty decent. We’re not exactly slumming it by staying in one. We do this at least once a year to see what we need to add or fix or change.

      1. I knew when I wrote that that there was a hint of a cast aspersion to your current excellent accommodations, but, I needed the contrast to spike the comment.
        Should I ever venture East to visit my home state, l’ll check with you first to see if you have any vacancies.

        1. You are most welcome to be one of our esteemed tenants. We charge a special Blog Reader rate, 2x the regular rate!! We’re very lucky that tenants come back year after year, no advertising ever. Last year someone took almost all of September but not this year. September is the best month. All the summer dinks are gone. Beach all to yourself. Good fishing. Long walks.

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