I Love you all so much I’m Laboring on Labor Day

A Monday Mashup. Happy (what’s left of) Labor Day.

First, Peter, RUN RUN RUN. RUN FAST. RUN NORTH. RUN WEST. BUT RUN!!!! Irma is coming to get you. I see Governor Scott has already declared a state of emergency in Dade County. Yikes!!

Then speaking of disasters, Celine Dion. What the hell????? The country that bought millions upon millions of dollars of your songs to make you rich and famous, and you hate the United States now??? Pfft.

A future Dateline episode isn’t going to end well for this husband. My recollection is this “I killed her in my sleep” defense didn’t work for the guy whose wife was found at the bottom of their backyard swimming pool. Hope this man has a better lawyer.

And why not end the day on a good laugh. A REALLY good laugh!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Onward.

14 thoughts on “I Love you all so much I’m Laboring on Labor Day

  1. Tell me about it. We are leaving, heading to Atlanta to hunker down with one of the kids. Boarding up the house, talking boxes and cartons of things, getting gasoline, some food and water, then leaving ASAP. We have good friends who were in Florida for Hurricane Andrew. It’s not a good thing.

  2. The man whose wife was in the pool – GUILTY.
    A Phoenix man who says he was sleepwalking when he brutally stabbed his wife was convicted of first- degree murder on Friday. Scott Falater, 43, could face the death penalty. He showed no visible sign of emotion as the guilty verdict was read aloud.

    The Celine quote floored me. I would have have guessed she’d say anything like that? Put it in context – why did she say it?

    Labor Day was perfect in Greenwich. Backyard weenie roast; sweet corn on the cob and fresh garden tomatoes. A beer or three helped.

    1. That’s what I remembered, guilty.

      Not sure what prompted Celine’s tirade. The Dreamers Act? I just saw this quote without context. Sorry. I should have done my homework.

  3. Aren’t you watching the tennis? Going into 5th set in Del Potro match. I’m a huge Del Potro fan so I’m sitting with my popcorn watching.

    1. Well I WAS, until ESPN switched to the Federer match. Now after I see thousands hollered online, it’s a split screen.

      And DelPo WINS after a double fault by Thiem. What a match. The fans love DelPo.

  4. Welcome back! I thought you might be looking for any excuse to get away from the barking.
    Interesting mash-up of topics – I’ll only add that I thought Celine Dion was Canadian, so, just move like Madonna did. The only place that referenced that quote came up as a ‘404’, so maybe it’s bogus.

    You said to add Milo as needed, so, I thought this interview with James Damore was quite interesting with the kind of censorship Google and YouTube are enacting on mainly center and right of center bloggers and vloggers. Kinda long, but, I think worth it:

    1. I chatted with my next door neighbor when I got home yesterday and she said the dog barking has stopped. Yay!!!

      Yeh, I figured that quote of Celine’s might be bogus. I think she may have become an American citizen by now but not sure. I wonder how quotes like that get started. Unfortunately they get spread by idiots like me.

      Aha, Damore and Milo. That’s a fabulous combo. Interesting that Damore has been quieted. I guess when you complain about Google, Google can put the fix in on the search analytics for “Damore + Google”.

  5. I am now in Category 5 preparation mode, charging batteries, filling the tub to check for a slow leak in the drain, preparing the generator, lashing down boats, etc. You will get live-blogging coverage from the bunkers.

      1. Have my fingers crossed. Someone asked where we were going if we had to evacuate. I-75 North and keep going. We had a nice 5 days in NYC enjoying the US Open two days, and a break from the heat.

        We happened to be here checking on house construction during the last hurricane that hit the east coast, which turned out to be not too bad. Lots of folks from the east coast were at our hotel, with pets in tow. I heard it was a post Katrina FEMA rule that pets were allowed in hotels during evacuation situations.

        1. There are basically several possible paths:

          Rita 2005 on the heals of Katrina, brushing by Florida Keys, and going into the Gulf.

          Charlie 2004, crossing from the Gulf to the NE, smashing Orlando, only this time into Tampa Bay, drowning Tampa like Harvey did Houston.

          Jean 2004, crossing the Florida Peninsula to the NW

          Right up the middle with the eye-wall raking both coasts.

          And of course, an early turn up the Atlantic Coast.

          Many east coasters are already coming this way. Too early to tell, but many are booking all options.

          Gas lines are forming and bottled water is gone.

  6. On #DACA, the press coverage and analysis is worse than mis-leading. Tampa Bay Times headline: “Trump Expected to Halt DACA”. The Executive Branch is charged with enforcement, not policy.

    Since the DA in DACA is “Deferred Action”, by definition he could only halt deferred action by deporting Dreamers in the CA class – Childhood Arrivals. He is not doing that; rather he is throwing immigration policy back to the Congress with a six month window for action. Policy setting belongs to the Congress, and it is high time for Congress to, you know, actually legislate laws and policy on Health Care, Tax Reform, Flood Insurance which expires this month, and Immigration.

    Congressmen – Have a Happy September doing the job you were elected to perform.

    1. Thanks for that analysis. I’m woefully underinformed about DACA. I have research to go before I can comment in return.
      Heading to RI today to prepare houses there. Won’t be any Cat 5 but waves will be big.

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