Not Exactly


I’m on a quick road trip, not quite as glamorous as these two under the sun in a convertible. More like wind and rain, driving on I-81south with all the other nuts away for Labor Day Weekend…but it’s for family, dear cousins, so it’s worth the effort. Family is ALWAYS worth the effort.

You’ll be the first to know when I get home. Hey, favor – will one of you turn the lights on for me, the porch light at the front door would be good enough. Thanks!

I see the radar over 10506 is 100% rain for the next few days. Something tells me my ride home won’t be EZ, or fun.

Until then, Happy Sunday….. and Monday.

PS: Stay clear of North Korea!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Not Exactly

  1. Driving South over the weekend, I traveled 369 miles down I-81 from I-78 at Indiantown Gap, PA to I-77 at Fort Chiswell, VA, all through remnants of Harvey. This was a near repeat of my bad weather driving nightmare during the spring cold-snap that brought 25 degrees F to Jacksonville, FL with my ice-clogged passage. Sorry for lack of photos, but you know, hard to get enthused about stepping out of the car. I-81 is a good alternate to I-95 for scenery, roadway quality and freedom from heavy traffic.

    Part of the driving schedule was intended to cross the river during the Kipona Festival Indian Canoe races on the Susquehanna at Harrisburg. I was towing my 12-ft Jon Boat to get into the water, but the water got into me.

    1. You put a lot of miles on your car EI. I LOVE to drive places and you must enjoy it too, or at least it sounds like you enjoy the different routes and the vistas etc. Except when it’s bad weather.

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