My Head Is Stuck in the i-Cloud


Both my iPad and iPhone had waaaay too many photos on them so I transferred them all to the iCloud. That was easy, although with a couple of thousand pix, it took a hour plus, with two devices.

Here’s the conundrum. Good that all the pix are in the Cloud, but now I want them OFF the devices. Googling “can I now delete the photos from my devices” I get all kinds of responses – from NO, You Can’t, and Yes, You Can.

I learned the hard way on my iPod, in a post from, yikes, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not want to lose every photo by selecting Delete All then finding out they blew away with the storm in clouds up in the dark sky, never to return.

Calling all geeks. What are my options?

9 thoughts on “My Head Is Stuck in the i-Cloud

    1. That’s the answer I got more often than not when searching. Now I axe you, what good is it to store photos in the iCloud if you can’t clear up storage on the devices? I ran into this problem last trip- my iPad said I was running out of storage for photos. But plunking them all into the cloud now doesn’t take them off my iPad.

      Damn. I may go back to a film camera!!

      1. but, is that true (about your pictures stored in both places)? i assume your iPad is a portal to the photos without them physically residing on the device. Now the you have the iCloud photostream, have you checked your iPad to see what, if any, memory is devoted to pictures?

  1. You can delete photos from your iPhone and iPad only if you move them all to your laptop or external drive. Otherwise, if you have the Photo Sharing iCloud tab on, deleting on the device will delete them in the cloud.

    1. And that’s just what I did. Plugged the iPhone, then iPad into laptop and imported every last photo onto the Dell. Now both iPhone and iPad are empty. I think I’ll log back into the iCloud and see if anything is there. I’ve turned off the Setting for cloud Photo Sharing and Auto download etc.


      PS: Okay, they are still on my iCloud pages and doubly safe on my Dell (she said until the Dell crashes tomorrow) and off both devices. Good to go. Crisis averted.

      Now all I have to worry about is all the pouring rain tonight and tomorrow.

  2. Copy everything to an external hard drive. The drives are quite reasonable in price so you might want to consider buying two of them so you can make two backups. Redundancy is gold for protecting data. Once you’ve made your copies disconnect the drive(s) from your system so that no matter what happens on your other devices, your photos on the backup will be unaffected. Some folks like to keep one copy on-site for convenience and another off-site for security.

    Asking for guidance at the Apple Store is a good idea.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the cloud as I’m sure they have a lot redundancy built in, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a backup of your own.

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