Where Did Twenty Years Go?

It’s impossible to accept it was twenty years ago today that Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris. The whole world went into shock.

Her boys, left with dumb cluck Not So Bonnie Prince Charlie to raise them, somehow thankfully managed to grow up to be extraordinary men.

I remember where I was when I heard about the crash, then sat glued to CNN as the story unfolded. Sat for a couple of days.

Diana was such a complicated soul. Used by Charles only to spawn gorgeous children but he certainly never loved Diana. It was always and forever Camilla. Diana was too young when she married to understand the complexities of the Royal household – that men always have mistresses.

Alas, Diana was lonely and longed for someone to love her unconditionally…and it led her to men she might not of otherwise found attractive.

Perhaps in some perverse sense, Diana was better off dead than hounded for life, under the microscope of who she dated. And of course, had she lived, she’d witness Charles finally marring Camilla.

The Queen certainly showed her true colors when Diana died, waiting so long to make a statement. I can only hope that karma comes back to bite Charles and he never serves as King of England. I don’t see how he could ever withstand the constant reminder of his bad behavior being married to Diana.

I’m sure the networks will all have 20th anniversary tributes today. I don’t have the TV on yet to see.

‘Tis a fine day here today. Bright blue sky. A good chill in the air. The lawn crew here to mow. A few leaves already falling into the driveway.

Happy Thursday.

9 thoughts on “Where Did Twenty Years Go?

  1. Yes i still remember all the whole day activities when we were heard about the news. And it 20years time flies. Still in my heart. Thanks you for remembering her.

    1. She was a remarkable woman who had to grow up with 10000 cameras in her face. That’s so hard on any day but when life hits some big hurdles, like hers did, staying sane when everyone wants to know where you are at all times, well, I would have run away. I think that’s exactly what she was hoping Dodi Fayed would do, sweep her away, like Jackie Kennedy did marrying Ari Onassis.

    1. I can hear Bill Clinton now: I did not have sex with that woman, Lynn Yeager, nor has anyone else, ever.

      It is utterly mind boggling to me how the left fashion mags hate Melania and Ivanka. They go to great lengths to heap hate on her.

      Now, as for Milo. Not a fan. He’s too creepy. The article was well written though but I wouldn’t buy his book or put his blog on my favorites bar. Do you read Milo regularly?

      1. Kind of a non-sequitur, but, if Milo is creepy, Prince Charles is creepier.
        I have Milo bookmarked, but, don’t often go to him for his take on the news of the day. He’s a gadfly with a penchant for self promotion – perfectly fine back in the day – but, for some reason, the alt-left can’t grok the cognitive dissonance of a gay man having center-right (say libertarian) views, so they attempt to silence him – which makes me more interested in what he has to say… weird.

        1. Prince Charles is definitely creepy. No debate on that. Creepy and a louse. He knew knew knew full well when he married Diana it wasn’t for love. It was only to provide heirs to the throne. I can’t imagine the heirs had Charles bred with Camilla. (my eyes my eyes).

          Agree with your take on Milo but I’ll let you see what he has to say and then post it here.

          And when did the nation become alt-left and alt-right? What’s the matter with plain old left and plain old right?

        2. okay, if Milo has anything interesting to impart, i’ll bring it here. except for some of his silly (to me) theatrics, he really possesses a sane point of view.

          maybe it’s just semantics, but, saying someone is alt-left means that their worldview is completely set, unchangeable with new facts or superior opinions and vociferous in shouting down (either literally or figuratively) any opponent. i put up with the 44th president for 8 years – didn’t like it, didn’t like him, but, didn’t i go out in the streets breaking things or write fictitious essays where fantasy displaced fact (even though we knew precious little about is history). now it’s time for the other side to shut up and let the man do his job.
          here’s a good example: Dianne Feinstein is at least willing to take a wait and see attitude while the rest of those cretins in SF won’t even allow that much:

          now, if you think all us folks in CA are morons, take a look at this (kinda long, but well worth the time):

  2. Huge Milo fan here. Largely due to the influence he has on younger people. My nieces and nephews love him ( they are average age 20).
    Despite his somewhat odd lifestyle, he is smart as hell and speaks good sense. And takes it to the yammering idiots on the left.

    1. I can certainly see why he has a huge fan base. He writers exceptionally well but at some point I think he tried to make himself the story (like caelestis said, Milo is a self-promoter), that’s when I stopped reading him.

      Yes, 20-something’s could learn a few things from Milo. Great to read your nieces and nephews are drawn to his writing.

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