Looks like Comey’s new book will be titled “What Happened, Redux”

This is getting juicy good. I hope Comey goes down big time. He and Hillary will both look good in orange!!

Coming out today that Comey concluded Hillary was innocent long before the FBI investigation was over!!

Now, one can therefore conclude that the Mueller investigation has NO basis now since Mueller Trump-Russia Probe Only Exists Because of Comey’s Leak to New York Times. Amirite?????

Unfortunately, only Gateway Pundit is leading with this story. Lots of twitter retweets and and gleeful comments, but who know if A leads to B and B leads to Z. Probably not, but a fun way to end the day.


11 thoughts on “Looks like Comey’s new book will be titled “What Happened, Redux”

  1. Nothing will happen. Comey is as slippery as Hillary and her gang of thieves. Wishful thinking on Gateway Pundit’s part.

    1. I suspect you are correct but oh how I’d love to see Comey get slapped down and the whole Mueller investigation stopped. It’s dragging on ad nauseum.

    2. Comey and Hillary don’t even have to be slippery to get away with everything. They are protected by the media and prevailing intellectual culture.

    1. Ugh. Let me have my coffee then opine on the Obama’s possible purchase. My eyeballs aren’t propped up enough yet to type snark.

      Okay, awake now. I laughed out loud at the suggestion in the article that the two properties have been on the market for 83 days. They’ve both been on the market for years, on and off, for YEARS!!!!!!! The Kennedy property especially, after John Junior died, I believe it was marketed for sale back then, maybe quietly and privately, but marketed nonetheless.

      As for the other parcel of land, I am sure I did a blog post about it myself (I’ll go look in a bit).

      I laughed ever harder at the suggestion that the Obama’s should come in at a 10% lower offer. 10%? Maybe 50%!

      I don’t see them buying either. I suspect they’ll buy something with a house on it already, closer to the golf club, if they buy something at all. I personally don’t see it happening. They’ve got Hawaii and Palm Springs. Why on earth would they add the Vineyard? They don’t sail. Unless they want to be helicopter parents while Malia is at Harvard and buy something for her and her pals to go to on the weekends. Could be.

      Thanks for the link. I hadn’t heard of it.

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