The Pet Heroes of Texas


While most of the media coverage is on people helping people out of the epic floods of Texas, I’ve been watching those people who are finding and saving the dogs, cats, and horses caught. Some of the dogs were tied up (why why why do that to a pet?) and the horses were just unable to find a way out of a coral.



Tied up…..

But rescued. I wept tears of joy seeing this dog rescued.

I’m hesitant to donate money to SPCA or ASPCA – they are such a large organization – I’d rather find a local shelter who needs cash and give them money. Anyone know?

And while Texans are helping Texans and the rest of us are hoping the storm is over soon, there’s alays ONE who goes in for the donation scam.

Linda Sansour, the hate filled Palestinian…asking people to Donate to Harvey victims….then you realize all the money goes to her causes – not one cent to victims. Do not click.

But the best photo of the day laid to rest the whole Melania Shoe Debacle, seriously the dumbest lib protest of all time.

BAM! The end.


5 thoughts on “The Pet Heroes of Texas

  1. My sentiments exactly. The people rescuing pets are my heroes too. I saw a list yesterday of places to donate but I can’t find it now. It was all small shelters. I’ll look again and get back.

  2. Agree. Pet rescue is so wonderful to witness. It is shocking how many people did tie up their dogs and horses. Let them at least have a chance to swim to safety.

    I was hoping you’d post the footage from yesterday where a women told a CNN reporter to get the F out of her face with the microphone. It was priceless. I find it repugnant that reporters go to the towns where a disaster is unfolding. You know they only want grief-porn. Stay home and report from your base.

    1. I was hoping for a photo of the 20 people left on the Charlottesville to Washington DC women’s march against Trump. They’ve almost all bailed. Isn’t that a Linda Sansour sponsored event too? The woman has no moral compass.

      We gave money to the Houston SPCA. Although they are a big organization, I figured they’d have a better chance of funneling the money to smaller shelters that heed hep.

  3. That pic of the tied up dog neck deep in water is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.
    Just ran and hugged my doggie so tightly I think I scared him.

    If the poster could find the list of local Texas shelters to donate to, it would be much appreciated.

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