Okay. I’m nearing the peak of my tolerance

The neighbor’s damn dog, the big loud non-stop barking dog is driving me batty.

He’s been barking since about 6pm. It’s now 8:15 and no sign of any let up. As much as I don’t want to say something, I’m going to have to. I’ll just have to be kind and tactful, two qualities that aren’t my usual longsuit. I could be a chicken and leave an anonymous note in their mailbox but I do think I should be brave enough to announce my grievance. Maybe.

Check back tomorrow for Episode Three of The Bold and The Barking.

19 thoughts on “Okay. I’m nearing the peak of my tolerance

  1. I’m afraid you have to say something. Perhaps its owners are unaware the pooch has serious separation anxiety and barks, barks, barks when left alone. I’m being kind because they have to know the dog barks all the time and they don’t give a damn.
    Time to give the property owners a phone call. Good luck!

  2. Have you figured out from whence the barks emanate? Your forbearance is superior to mine – after an hour, I would have been over there with a kindly request that Fido be given whatever he/she wanted to shut him/her up.
    My guess is nobody is home which is probably why the dog barks with such persistence.
    Have you spoken with any neighbors to see if they are as bothered by the noise?

    1. I have deduced from whence the noise comes. You may have been away when I mentioned here what I learned. An older couple who own a large estate opened one of the cottages on the property for a grandson out of work. He is prone to loud music and he has the dog. The problem is I adore the older couple, they couldn’t BE any nicer (that said in my best Chandler Bing voice), so saying something makes them feel awful. I’m hard pressed to be that much of a jerk.

      1. I’ve a bad habit of reading other comments after i spout off and regretting my mis-informed response. Tough position you’re in. Would Mr EOS do the dirty work if he was around?

        1. Would Mr EOS do the dirty work if he was around?

          No. He thinks bothering a nice neighbor for something they probably don’t even like is gonna cause trouble, for us. He’s probably right but he’s also losing some of his upper range hearing. I still have bat hearing. To be continued.

  3. Oh I can’t wait to learn your plan. OUR neighbor with the barking dog must have been away for the month of August, cause, he’s back. Barking Dog that it…
    I’m following your plan (maybe). I’ve printed off the “Animal Control Division Summary of Dog Laws” and have highlighted Nuisance C.G.s. 22-363. I want to put it in their mailbox with a tiny note. Spouse says I may not do that…. When it was quiet earlier in the month I was sure the dog died. He continues to suffer, as do I.

    1. As much as neither of us likes a barking dog, I might agree with your spouse that leaving a letter with the town code isn’t going to win either of us any Best Neighbor Contest. It’s a lose-lose situation. Long gone are the days too of making Anonymous calls to the town dog control either, trying to get them to come over.

      Time to move SB?

    1. OMG, that’s awful.

      I occasionally watch Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer and from what he says, barking is a nervous habit. He believes that the human needs to be the leader of the pack, giving the dog a sense of calm so they don’t bark. My sister-in-law had a crazy-ass barking dog that was so nervous he would chew his own tail. It was awful but she didn’t have the courage to train the dog properly. Not to pat myself on the back, but my dogs have always been impeccably trained. They understood the rules from day one. Not cruelly, but from the vantage point of love. It takes a lot of work to train a dog but once it’s done, they are better for it and so is the rest of the neighborhood. The dogs next to me and next to Sound Beacher have obviously not been trained.

  4. Would the request be received better if you approached the owners of the home, vs. the grandson who live there? If the owners have been good friends for a long time, maybe they would (a) understand, and (b), talk to their grandson on your behalf.

    1. The home owners are in their 80s. So so sweet and kind. Their kids were a bit hippie, musicians, rock and roll types, nice and all, but a little counter culture. I suspect the grandson using the cottage belongs to the musician son. I just know I’d hurt their feelings if I said something. I’m sure they can’t even hear the dog barking and are so used to music from their sons, this is nothing. Coming up in September we have a neighborhood association meeting they always attend. I’ll see if I can broach the subject then. Or not.

  5. My two cents worth is that you go to your neighbor with a batch of home made cookies and ask (or tell) them that their dog seems really stressed and have they thought of taking him to a Vet. Other than that I truly believe it’s perfectly proper to let them know that you are stressed as well. You can do this in a mannerly way. It’s always best to be a truth speaker. Let us know how you are

  6. I missed a few days, and just reading.
    My furry companion reminded me that people who are so stupid they let their dog bark continually, would probably tape their mouths shut to keep them quiet!!!!!!
    Just like the flood victims who want their dogs to be home when they return, tie them up!!!!!!

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
    The ‘dog catcher’ would probably have an adverse effect on the ‘kids’.

    1. Not that I’m trying to jinx the evening, but it’s 7:25p and not one woof. I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear barking last night either. Maybe just maybe the dog was only there temporarily. I don’t hear loud music tonight either. Fingers crossed it stays this way.

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