My First Fan Mail!

On my windshield at Shoprite…

….but underneath, a sweet long lovely note from….Catherine. Yes, our Catherine, who smartly jumped ship a year ago for Wyoming.

Her note started out saying “Fingers crossed the EOS license plate means it’s you, Cynthia.”

She went on to say she and her family are in town for the triple funeral this morning of the family killed in Pound Ridge, their daughter good friends with the daughter slain. She added that because of that and the sadness of it all, she didn’t have the strength to call me or see me. They are flying back to Wyoming tomorrow.

But that they are very happy. Life is really good for them and their kids have adjusted very well to life in public school and life outside the NY bubble.

She sends her best to everyone and says now that she’s settled, she hopes to rejoin our band of commenters.

Lastly, she said, You Know I was kidding about the Your Blog Sucks.

7 thoughts on “My First Fan Mail!

  1. Is that what they call a Wyoming sense of humor? Cause that seemed cruel. Glad to know she’s going to re-join the pack of followers. ..

    1. I admit to being taken aback by the note – I thought it might have been written by my son who works nearby. Then I saw the note. It’s all good.

  2. I do hope Catherine finds the time to write a nice, chatty note to us all. It’s good to know things are going so well for them. When they decided to pack up and get out of Dodge, they didn’t fool around.
    Wyoming. Imagine that. Will be humming ” Don’t Fence Me In” all afternoon.
    Weather turned out to be spectacular here. Perfect late summer day. Ocean temp was 62 at noon. Air temp not much higher.

  3. Driven across country a few times and EVERY time (going from East to West) when I got out to get gas in Wyoming, I knew I finally reached the West – just because of the quality of the air.

    1. Or, a downside of my personalized EOS plate. When I first saw the note on my windshield I wasn’t sure that my EOS plate was a smart move. Thankfully it was only Catherine playing a joke.

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