See you tomorrow….

I’m out for the day and can’t take you all along with me. I know, like what’s that all about? I usually take you everywhere. Just not today.

Plus, there’s not a whole lot to talk about – Harvey is sadly still destroying Texas, Louise Mensch caught lying (shocker), Sharapova trounced her opponent last night in the first round of the US Open, Pastor Joel Osteen seems to be in Twitter hell for doing something, not sure what, but people are maaaaddddd! Anything else? Oh yes, Kathy Griffin says she and Anderson Cooper are no longer friends. Welllll, that news ruined my day. 😂

I’ll be home tonight and will check in. You know the rules. Talk about whatever suits you. Portlandia clips always welcome. Chat among yourselves. Have a great Tuesday.

11 thoughts on “See you tomorrow….

  1. Osteen closed his mega church so evacuees couldn’t find refuge in it. He’s being called a hypocrite.

    1. Osteen saw the twitter hate and has now opened his church. He said the garages were flooded but Twitter said that didn’t fly because the church itself wasn’t at all.

  2. It’s cold here today and damp. I hope wherever you are going is inside and warm.

    Here’s some info on Louise Mensch. I admit I didn’t follow the story so I don’t understand the article other than another journalist got caught lying. That’s not news. That’s SOP.

  3. You’ll be happy to know you are missing the flak Melania Trump is getting for wearing stilettos to Texas.

      1. Melania deplaned AF1 wearing white sneakers. The amount of snark, mostly from women, was appalling.

    1. Like I’d take fashion tips from this hambeast Lynn Yaeger (Vogue ‘writer’ that set the ball rolling):

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