There are Three Types of People in this World: The Doers, The Complainers, and The Abject Losers.

Thank heavens for the people of Texas, there are more doers, those willing to step up and rescue residents caught in the flooding. Here are the Doers.
APphoto_Severe Weather Texas

Even a man with a Confederate Flag on his air boat came to the rescue…good for him!

Enter the Complainers, like a former Hilary Clinton staffer, to bemoan the help. What on earth would possess this woman, who thankfully I’ve never heard of, to complain about people being rescued?? This is sickness, sheer liberal sickness. She went on to tweet, when pressed, that she WOULD climb aboard the boat with the Confederate flag to be saved, BUT, wait for it, she’d rip the flag off the boat when she was brought to safety and throw the flag into the water. I repeat – this woman is sick in the head.


The King of the Complainers, Keith Olbermann, went off his meds again, responding this way to Betsy DeVos’s call for helping the schools in Texas.


Note Olbermann had 47,000 likes to this obscenity. I believe Keith qualifies for a dual category award – he’s a Complainer AND an Abject Loser.

Here’s more Texas hate from Complainers. I can’t even….

Now, enter a whole group of Abject Losers. Starting tomorrow, “activists” are planning to march from Charlottesvile to Washington DC to “Confront White House Supremacy”.


“The March to Confront White Supremacy” will spend ten days starting on Monday, August 28 travelling to the nation’s capitol and then occupy it with non-violent demonstrations. “For years, white supremacist violence, rhetoric, and policies have escalated and intensified – exploding during Donald Trump’s run for president and reaching a boiling point in Charlottesville,” says the website of the march.

Now I ask you – are these activists permanently unemployed? I bet so. Being paid by Soros to march? Who will feed them? Who will pay to house them every night? Just think if they put their activism to positive use, god forbid, and offered to volunteer in Texas. Nooooooo, not this group – they live to hate.

I have ZERO patience or understanding of Abject Losers, and by that I mean people who are probably book smart but are horribly street dumb – they have no ability to put themselves in the shoes of anyone else. They are all about themselves, their own sick mantra.

In conclusion: The Abject Losers and the Complainers HATE that Trump is a Doer.

Happy Monday. It’s kinda humid and muggy this morning, chilly but no breeze so it feels warmer than it is. I’m still in coffee mode watching news from Houston. Incredible.


25 thoughts on “There are Three Types of People in this World: The Doers, The Complainers, and The Abject Losers.

  1. It has been my observation that the happiest of people, the vibrant doers of the world, are almost always those who are using – who are putting into play, calling. Thanks

  2. Add Antifa to your Abject Loser column. They were protesting in Berkeley last night and the police just left. Antifa is dangerous. The marchers to DC are losers, but not dangerous. I’d be more concerned about Antifa.

    1. That was another video I only saw in passing last night. I heard the police were told told to stand down? Is that true?

      Yes, Antifa is a violent thug-based hate group yet I see no one in the media calling them out. Good point that they are dangerous versus the marchers not. Agree. That doesn’t negate the marchers, especially for the reason they are marching, from being losers! 🙂

  3. Couldn’t agree more. Now, that said, there’s a guy in Texas that had a hawk take refuge in his cab. He’s got about eight updates before the animal rescue people come to take it to the shelter.
    Here’s the first (the others are listed in the ‘suggested’ videos on the right or in the video description);

    (The Confederate flag is a nice touch)

    1. Thanks for posting that. I only saw it in passing yesterday and didn’t know there were updates. The hawk was most definitely undone by the wind and rain of the storm. Glad he’s in good hands now. Great story. And what a fabulous guy to bring him home, feed him chicken hearts. My kind of man. Bravo.

      1. Give me a hundred men who bring home a hawk and feed it until he’s rescued than one white supremacy marcher.

  4. The VMA’s last night, hardly a peep asking for prayers of help for Texas. Katy Perry tops the list of complainers in my book but i might add a new category for her and her stupid VMA VIP friends – hypocrites.

    1. Heh heh. Good question. The dog barking has morphed into loud partying too. We do know where it’s coming from now but it’s complicated. The dog and the partying are coming from a tiny guest house/cottage on a large estate near me. The people who own the estate are a wonderful dear old couple who have lived here a million years. No two sweeter people ever. Word on the street is they are letting a grandson live in the cottage for a while so I think we are doomed to accept the noise. I am not going to say anything to the couple. I wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings. The dog did not bark last night but probably because the music was so loud, he was under the bed cowering.

      1. That’s not good. Is he an unemployed millennial? I wouldn’t say anything either but bummer you have to deal with the noise.

      2. I meant to reply to your dog barking post, but life got in the way, I guess. Glad you figured it out. We have a neighbor with an obnoxious barking dog too. It’s a rather new (sometime in spring) occurrence, and I really feel for that dog. It’s a big, lonely sounding woof. I think he is just left outside/ignored😢 3/4 of our family would love to have a dog, but our traveling would not be fair to the pet. The other 1/4 (**cough**husband**cough**) wants to get a cow to mow the grass😂

        I agree, the haters are awful.

        1. I never understand people who get a dog then ignore it. It’s criminal. Dogs are social beings like people and anyone who doesn’t care for a pet like a human should be strung up.

          A cow? I can see getting goats to mow, but a cow? Good luck.

        2. No doubt! It’s mainly a joke in complaint of the high price of lawn maintance😀

          My uncle tried to pawn off a few goats on us a few years back. Thankfully, he confessed that they eat ALL your privacy (and other) plantings up to 4′ from the ground. And they love to poop in the driveway. That was why he was getting rid of them–auntie was tired of dodging goat droppings!

        3. Lawn maintenance is extraordinarily high around here too. I’ve used the same team for the 15 years I’ve been in this house and he’s had to raise his rates a few times, understandably, but it’s at the point of me thinking I should let the grass grow into one field of hay and let the neighbors complain. For me, it’s not just the lawn mowers, it’s the gardener and weeding that’s expensive. I can see the appeal of a concrete jungle.

  5. O/T: I see that all three members of the Dym Family are having one Mass at St. Patrick’s in Bedford on Wednesday. More details coming out now that dad had some financial troubles.

    1. It’s not a subject I care to address here. It was a tragedy. I’ll leave it to others to surmise. I prefer to leave it be. Thanks for understanding.

        1. Good one but I think every Portlandia episode is a good one.

          Is Jill played by Rosanne’s TV sister?

          PS: Just to be clear, I’m not full of anxiety over the deaths in Pound Ridge – it’s horrific but it’s more that I want to be fully respectful of the one remaining family member who has to now be in total grief mode. Plus, it’s usually not a topic I like to post. Still, a most excellent video.

  6. I too have been watching the disastrous situation in Texas..,.since 5:30 this morning. It is like a biblical event, thinking back to Moses and his flood. I am waiting to hear where to donate $$.
    And as for that wonderful hawk, have you read. H Is For Hawk,? If not, I think you will enjoy it!

    1. I’ve not been able to watch all the flood coverage. Some of it is there for the sensational value, I fear. It is of biblical proportions, perfect words. There’s a replica of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky that maybe the good folks in Kentucky should float over to Texas.

      I have read H is for Hawk. Loved it. But thanks for the reminder of it. I may go dig it out of the bookshelf and re-read it.

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