Total Solar Eclipse, Redux. And Other Good Saturday Stuff….

Yay, Earth Image checked in with an update of his journey to see the solar eclipse and sent some pix…

EI speaking….

I became delirious looking into the eclipse corona and took off on an imaginative road trip, covering Myrtle Beach, the battlefields of the Shenandoah Valley, paying homage to Stonewall Jackson while I still could, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal pull path linear national park 184 miles along the north edge of the Potomac, the battlefields of Gettysburg, the Appalachian trail, and finally up to CT.

Turkey Vultures (group of seven) roosting for a short night

Corona eye of the sun at Elloree, SC.

Cos Harbour, in a different light, shares the newest USPS stamp, that when you touch the center of the stamp, dark goes to light. Heh. Now if USPS could only do that with speed of deliveries, I’d be impressed. Dumb question, but once you press the stamp and it gets light, does it go back to dark after some time period? Is it a one-time thing? And if the stamp goes through the meter, will it turn to light? IMW2K.



Speaking of Dodging the bullet (okay, we’re not talking about dodging anything, but this was the only segue I could come up with), CosHarbour also sent two fabulous pix of a 1936 Dodge Brothers car and asks, Whatever Happened to the Dodge Brothers?


Totally non-related, Trump pardons Joe Arpaio. And Seb Gorka resigns. Looks like Texas isn’t the only place getting hit by high winds.

Happy Saturday. Perfectly beautiful autumn-like day. Not a cloud in the sky. Temps feel like September. Fourteenth day sticking to the meal plan. Life is good.

21 thoughts on “Total Solar Eclipse, Redux. And Other Good Saturday Stuff….

  1. One of the wives lived for a long time in Grosse Pointe. Had a college girlfriend from there and she talked about the big old car Mrs. Dodge was driven in to church on Sunday.

    1. Great story. The old ones are gorgeous cars. I half expect James Cagney to get out of it. I see the hood ornament is a ram – beautiful. The Dodges today, not so much.

  2. The vulture photo is eerily beautiful EI. And kudos for making the trek to see a phenomenon of the skies.

    My father collected Dodge’s and when he died, one collector came forth and bought them all. I was young(ish) when dad died and I had no clue if his cars were valuable or not. I only remember loving driving in them.

  3. The postage stamps do go back and forth between dark and light. (Reversing is quicker if you put them in the fridge for a minute.) They are fun!

  4. Thank you. I came across the Town of Elloree by accident on one of my trips between Florida and CT.

    My inner movie director said this would be a great film location for a novel about the Jim Crow South. When I saw that it was on the eclipse path, I pictured the montage on Main Street with RR tracks and a crossing gate. That’s where the turkey vulture roosted.

    I showed up with the sun half covered and the clouds evaporating away to reveal the eclipse, all of which I got in time lapse. For lack of practice in eclipses (darkness there 2 minutes plus), I was disappointed with focus, exposure, framing, and my general directorship. So I went off to make the last Civil War movie.

    1. Don’t forget to thank us for when you accept your Oscar for the movie you make. You certainly have the talent and eye to be a director.

  5. All the way down here I saw a story about the mayhem in Pound Ridge Friday. I don’t think I’ll post a link because it’s awful. Did you know the family?

    1. Thanks for not posting a link. It’s unspeakable horror. I did not know the family but I have friends who work at Sacred Heart who know the daughter. The school is in full mourn mode, as you can imagine.

      1. The horrific story has made it to my circle of friends in Greenwich, many of whom sent their daughters to CSH back in the day. No one knows this family but hearing it made me shiver.

  6. Great pics by EarthImage and Cos Harbour. Evidently, being in the totality of the eclipse was something you had to experience.
    I guess the Dodge escaped the Chrysler Airflow look for ’36; a Dodge Bros. tidbit (with a cautionary message at the end for our gracious hostess):

    … and Arpaio? Needed on the front lines:

    just look at what this perp was up to:

    1. Coincident to the Grosse Point snubbing saga, the Smithsonian Channel has a series called Million Dollar American Princesses, the episode I just saw was of Jennie Jerome who eventually married Lord Churchill. The Jeromes were snubbed by the NYC Knickerbockers so they moved to Paris but had to flee in the 1870s when the Prussians invaded. London brought about the cute-meet of Lord Churchill. Interesting.

      As for the pardon, Ben Rhodes got hammered after he put in his two cents re the Arpaio pardon. I’m not home to cut and paste it here but if you are and can drop it in here, go find the Greg Guttfeld tweets on the pardon subject. Today, maybe early afternoon?

        1. The Rhodes one is right. Not the Guttfeld one but I hadn’t seen that one so I’m glad you added it. I’ll be home by 7 and will find it. It’s Guttfeld’s take on Obama v. Trump pardons.

    1. Woods is a homeowner in RI, not sure where, but by the looks of his post, maybe Westerly? He tweets about his home in RI often and that might have been a reason why he accepted a role on Family Guy. UPDATE: He was born in Warwick, and for the uninitiated RIers, that’s pronounced Warr-ick, Not War-wick).

      Ocean House is the snobbiest most overpriced “resort” that exists in RI. I wouldn’t step foot on the grounds, and probably wouldn’t be allowed to come in, other than by service entrance. The Ocean House is to RI as five-star dude ranches for New Yorkers are to Wyoming.

      1. Okay, okay, but, sometimes I find it fun to let my inner snob come out, just to get some fresh air and glad for a venue that accommodates. I’m tempted to buy one of their caps and/or ocean scented candles (I wonder if it smells like Rhode Island?) based on your recommendation alone!

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