My Own Jackpot win – $16.74


Thanks to Verizon Wireless and the State of New York. The checks are a refund of the NY State Gross receipts surcharge that Verizon collected from customers to recover the costs of taxes that Verizon Wireless pays to the State. Then NY State refunded one of the taxes to Verizon and we get some money back.

Equally interesting is the note above the check signature that the check may not be cashed at a check cashing agency or money service business. Huh. Why not?

Not sure how I’ll spend the whole $16.74 but hey, never look a gift horse in the mouth so I’ll take it and say thanks.

Happy Friday. I have two posts coming up this weekend from you guys – one from Riverside Dog Walker in his new environment, Sarasota, and another from Earth Image, reconnecting after his trek to South Carolina to see the eclipse. Also related, pix from CosHarbour.

The weather can’t get any more beautiful than it is today although it poured around 1:30 last night, causing me to leap out of bed and shut a hundred windows. Bright blue sky today and for the whole weekend.

Not so for Texans in the path of Harvey. It looks to be a big storm but the jaded New Yorker in me, when watching the news about the storm, thinks the media wants this to be a Katrina moment for Trump, so many libs screaming he doesn’t have a FEMA director. Um, Bush had a FEMA director and that didn’t do much. Obama did too. Oh well.

Have a great day…..


8 thoughts on “My Own Jackpot win – $16.74

  1. With news that Amazon plans to immediately lower prices at Whole Foods, you can come into Greenwich and buy one of something, but one only. $16 won’t go far here.

    My daughter-in-law has family in Corpus Christi and they are worried. Evacuating.

    1. If I were a betting person I’d say the Greenwich Whole Foods will NOT lower its prices. Why would they?

      I have to look at my map of Texas to see where Corpus Christi is relative to where Harvey will hit. I’ve watched a few HGTV shows where families are second house shopping on coastal Texas – houses held up with popsicle stix. Not a good thing.

  2. G W Bush: “Heckuva job, Brownie.”

    The FEMA National Flood Insurance Program expires in September. Renewal might have been a straight forward matter, and it was with NY Senators. But six months ago NJ, Mass, Florida and other coastal states thought, “Not so fast. Let’s fix this mess right after healthcare and tax reform.”

    Well. we are upon September, and no end of bickering in Congress is in sight.

    CC/Houston and maybe NOLA again will be game changers, as NOLA was in 2005. Some hurricane models are predicting up to 60 inches of rain. Creeks west of Houston have elevations as low as 13 ft. The storm surge at Galveston Bay may be at 13 ft, so where will all the water go? Nowhere, except the lower parts of neighborhoods over most of Texas to Austin.

    1. One of the many big Bush failures was FEMA and NOLA. No disagreement there. And I’m in total agreement that this Congress is among the worst in history. Unable to pass bills. Unable to cross the aisle. Alas, because of that, I share your concerns for the good folk of Texas.

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