What Are The Rules of Neighborhood Etiquette for a Barking Dog?


And by barking dog I mean non-stop never shuts up barking all day and all night barking dog. Get it?

The noise is new, in the last three/four days but God, it’s driving me nuts. I can’t quite tell where it’s coming from – I know my direct neighbors don’t have a dog, my across the street neighbors are all older and don’t have dogs, so the sound could be coming through the woods to the next street over but dang, the wind is coming this way and the sound goes right through me. I know one thing – the dog is big because the bark is deep. No chihuahua.

Do I….

  1. Call the cops?
  2. Drive around with a big shot gun in the back of my truck?
  3. Call all every neighbor and ask “is that your crazy mutt barking”?
  4. Do I go off my diet and have enough alcohol so I can’t hear it?
  5. Do I just forget about it and slowly go mad?

Last night the dog barked well after 11pm. He’s barking right now and I have this funny feeling in my bones he isn’t going to stop. With the weather so perfect, there’s no a/c on so all the windows and door are wide open, further exaggerating the noise.

Could the owners just not hear their dog barking or do you think they figure, hey, the dog is outside, we’re inside, who is going to notice a little barking?? I love dogs, but…….enough is enough!!


12 thoughts on “What Are The Rules of Neighborhood Etiquette for a Barking Dog?

  1. The owners aren’t home and when and if they are, they ignore the poor pooch. It’s possible the dog is just visiting unfamiliar territory but it shouldn’t be left alone. I think of myself as a responsible dog owner but gee whiz, I did have a magnificent Aussie who was one loud dog. Got her a Lab to quiet her down and keep her company. She never really mellowed, though.
    I’d drive around to find where the barking originates then come home and pour a proper drink. I’m sure another neighbor will take the matter up with the dog owners. At least I hope so.

    1. I think your assessment is correct, that the dog is in unfamiliar territory. maybe someone is dog sitting or the grandkids are visiting and brought the pooch. The barking stopped before 11 last night so I hope another neighbor spoke up so I don’t have to.

  2. We got new neighbors who leave their dog outside, snow, cold, heat, all seasons, and he barks relentlessly. A big yellow Lab. I wanted to put an anonymous note in the mail box. I didn’t. (spouse said I shouldn’t) I notice when they go away cause the dog is gone too, and it’s peaceful. I hope he dies soon, they treat him so poorly he probably does too. I feel your pain. Don’t go off your diet due to lousy dog owners. Find out the house and call the cops when it’s after 11. I did that once for a different neighbors dog who was visiting they left 2 dogs on a back deck which I could see from my kids window and the child needed to sleep so I called non emergency police number and they went over and it NEVER happened again.
    Do Option 1. Then run a fan in your room to drown out the noise.

    1. I’m uncomfortable calling the police about a dog barking when I don’t even know where the dog is. They’d have to know where to go to complain so I’d have to say, come to my house, listen, then guess.

      I’ll wait it out a few more days, see if it’s just a temporary problem, then ask around my neighbors to see what I can learn.

      I have zero understanding how someone can leave a dog outside day and night, unless it’s a malamute training to be the lead dog for the Iditerod, but even they get some shelter.

    1. Thanks Flash. On my walk this morning I ran into a neighbor and asked her if she’s heard the dog. Before I could finish the sentence, she said YES YES YES, whose dog is it? We talked about what to do, neither of us comfortable with calling the police yet. She agrees with others here that the dog barking is so new, it may merely be a visiting dog out of his/her comfort zone.

      1. Agree, onetime, maybe two and three time are overlookable.
        hope you never have to call to complain, or to get help.

  3. Don’t go off your diet. just find the dog, kill it and eat it. I heard they taste great with soy sauce.

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