Can you Imagine? $758 Million!


Just think. Someone in Watertown Mass woke up this morning $758 million richer. When I heard that the ticket was bought in Massachusetts, I jumped up, knowing I had been in Mass on Tuesday AND bought two tickets. Alas and alack, I was not in Watertown.

A few of you readers live in Massachusetts – Swanton, did you win??

Well, best wishes to them, whoever they are. I trust they plan well. Get good lawyers and accountants – save for generations down the road and don’t end up on the hokiest of TV shows on HGTV, My Lottery Dream House. Or end up broke and in jail.

So it’s back to the grind. Back to reality. Back to the Russia agenda being pushed by the media and back to having to listen to clips of Hillary’s new book where she says Trump made her skin crawl. No words. Just no words.

Happy Thursday fellow losers!

13 thoughts on “Can you Imagine? $758 Million!

  1. To my profound dismay, I did not win. I had plans for that money, too.
    The only news I’m following is the track of Harvey.

    1. Oh darn. I had so hoped you’d win. Didn’t we ALL have plans for that money!

      Harvey, not the 6 foot tall invisible rabbit, will do some damage to Texas.

  2. I didn’t even buy a ticket so I knew last night I didn’t win.

    As for Hillary, is THIS when she felt her skin crawl being next to Trump? She was a phony running and she’s a phony now.

    1. You beat me to the punch Betty. I was going to post that photo myself. Phony is the understatement. How can she possible not know that the real creep is her husband, the rapist?

      She hasn’t come out of denial yet. She’s grasping at straws to re-define her loss to a man she hates.

      1. I don’t think she hates trump. She hates that he was smarter, that he had a better campaign, and was actually liked by the people.

    1. Oh my. That’s awful for every resident of Watertown who thought they might be the lucky one but great news for folks in Chickopee. Chickopee, that’s near Holyoke?

  3. We bought four (losing) tickets.

    The Hillary book and quotes are predictable. She doesn’t have the emotional capacity to accept defeat and move on. She’s mired in her loss, licking her wounds until the sore is open again. I don’t know who would buy the book.

  4. PS: Today is some women’s march appreciation day and tweeps are all over praising Hillary as the women they most admire. They admire what? How she handed the loss sending Podesta out here for her? Admired how she claimed she lost because she’s a woman?

    1. She made herself known already? Rookie mistake. Man, I’d run to a lawyer so fast and set up an LLC and hide behind it from today into eternity, never letting my real identity out. I’m not even sure who in the family I’d tell because once you say to one, Don’t say a word, you know they will – who can keep that kind of secret? No one.

      I wish her well though.

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