From now on, victory will have a clear definition

I’m up and out early this morning to run to a gallery on coastal Massachusetts to see an art show with works by a good friend. I think being invited to attend a preview party can be translated to Bring Your Checkbook but I’m okay with helping a talented friend.

Lots to talk about while I’m gone. First, Trump’s speech last night. Five star speech. Right tone. Right plan. Winning. I hedge a bit knowing his plan might mean more troops in Afghanistan, although Trump himself made no mention of numbers like the mainstream media said, 4000, so maybe Trump played the media again to get that message out before his speech. [Hearing this morning the number is confirmed, 4000.]

I loved his shout out to India for helping. Trump wants a victory. Is it possible? I don’t know but I sure felt a good vibe listening to Trump’s words. Did you?

Or if you don’t want to talk politics, I heard two members of the Kennedy family were arrested on Cape Cod for having a wild party. Shocker? Not.

Or chat anything else your heart desires. I’ll be back late tonight and will try and check comments while I’m gone.

Earth Image, I turned my phone off around 9:45p last night and didn’t see your eclipse photos in my inbox and I won’t have time this morning to see if they are there now or put them in the eclipse thread. I’ll do a separate post Wednesday. I trust you understand.

19 thoughts on “From now on, victory will have a clear definition

  1. Superb speech. Mattis landed in Baghdad this morning. If the troops are there to actually win, I’m okay with the increase and so will the military, under the leadership of a real military man with a plan.

    The msm was silent after the speech, that’s how good it was. They were trying to figure out how to hate it and all they could come up with is saying he opened the speech talking about Charlottesville.

      1. Jane and Anon: I was flabbergasted that the msm was silent last night. You are right that they had to dig to get something negative. But that’s how the msm rolls.

  2. If the mess at the Navy is any indication of how well you think our military is doing, I’m a no confidence vote in winning Afghanistan. I did like Trump’s speech however but I don’t see the clear plan for victory he and his leaders outlined.

      1. Away from my computer and blogs today, I am only hearing a whiff of what might have happened to the navy ship – that it was an internal “non-accident”? I’ll have to play serious catch-up tonight and tomorrow. Thanks for the link. Reading on the fly.

  3. Trump gets it. He’s letting his military make the choices on what do do and made it clear there’s money for whatever they need. Obama thought he was a four-star general and disrespected his military. Trump first and foremost respects our military. Trump is sending a message to our enemies. We will win over ISIS.

  4. This is all very reassuring. I was feeling pretty discouraged about the state of our country.

    What does/did everyone think of Erik Prince’s idea to privatize the military, saving the country billions and finishing the job? He had some real trouble with Blackwater…I don’t know, I’m split, I guess.

    1. Hadn’t heard about privatizing the military Martha. I don’t see how that could even happen, since the Pentagon houses all things Defense. Got a link to the Erik Prince idea story? That might help me put his idea into perspective.

  5. Tillerson is on board with the plan. I hope he and Trump are right but I’m not convinced. I think they are opening a big fat can of worms.

      1. I see what you are both saying, that ISIS is such a huge enemy it’s impossible to defeat, especially that it is growing in parts of the world that aren’t in Asia, like Germany, France, and England, for three examples – countries that encourage open borders. How do you fight that?

  6. I didn’t want to be there or Iraq, but, Bush (who should have created the largest glass parking lot out of Saudi Arabia after 9/11) didn’t listen to me. I don’t want to be there now, but, if the rules of engagement can change from Ø’s Rules for Pussies to something Mattis is happy with, then it’s better than just leaving a vacuum.

  7. Just getting home. Long but fun day.

    Thanks Martha for the two links and caelestis, for your one. I’ll look at all three in the morning. I want to get under the covers and watch Trump’s speech from Phoenix.

    1. Replying to my own comment to say I watched Trump’s speech last night and wish I had fallen asleep instead. Totally off the mark. Unnecessarily provocative and angry. I give it an F. Ugh.

      Martha, really interesting articles. For all the WSJ reading I do, I don’t know Eric Prince. Thanks for enlightening me.

      Caelestis, This Ain’t Hell is now on my Favorites bar. I think I should write for them. Hmmm.

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