Where Will You be for the Total Solar Eclipse 2017……UPDATED WITH SOME OF YOUR PHOTOS!


Earth Image said he’ll be in South Carolina. I have friends from Delaware who RV’d it to Tennessee. The Weather Channel is on Eclipse coverage all day, with anchors all across the country, the luckiest anchor where I’d be if I could, Jackson Hole. They’ll get the best view, highest spot to view, and with the least chance of cloud coverage ruining it.

South Carolina is in the path of some storms and clouds. Jim Cantore is anchored in Carbondale Illinois, the actual center of the eclipse fly-by. I think he got the short straw.

Me? I’ll be watching the eclipse for sure, on TV. If you do watch and want to send peeps pix, or pix of the eclipse, email me at eosfriday at optonline dot net. I’ll post them here. If you want your pix to be sent as Anonymous, no problem – your ID is safe with me. Just tell me how you want them posted, Anonymous or with a moniker.

Happy Monday one and all.

UPDATE: Pix from readers. Earth Image said he’d send some later.

From SoundBeacher:

The spouse MacGyvered a viewer. We went to the beach, invited a few friends for a “total eclipse of the sun” party. I should have gotten the Spotify playlist for that-darn.
Here’s the home made viewer — tripod, binoculars, cardboard & duct tape.

The photos are of the reflection thru the home-made viewer. One pic is of the actual sun no viewer. Once the clouds moved over the camera could be used directly. It was cool and glad we invited a few friends to join us too. We only had one pair of glasses but we shared!





Earth Image is taking in the FULL South Carolina Right Culture experience.

24 thoughts on “Where Will You be for the Total Solar Eclipse 2017……UPDATED WITH SOME OF YOUR PHOTOS!

  1. I picked the wrong week to be at a wedding in Jackson Hole. When we were there, there was a huge eclipse frenzy, all the merchants were readying and the townsfolk were preparing for the onslaught of tourists. I’m watching the Weather Channel too this morning and saw at the top of the mountain, the temp in JH this morning was 37!

    I’ll watch from my Miami perch.

    1. I suspect having a wedding on Eclipse Day or over Eclipse weekend would have had to have been planned way far ahead. Your hotel rooms would not have been affordable. I think you were lucky to see JH without the onslaught of eclipse tourists.

      Is the weather in Miami going to cooperate today?

      1. Today’s weather here will be okay but the rest of the week not so much. Lots of rain from a Caribbean tropical depression.

  2. I invite you to join me in Greenwich. A few of my friends and I will be watching the eclipse unfold from a perch on Tod’s Point.

    1. Sounds great. Hope you didn’t buy the Amazon eclipse glasses that had to be returned.

      We made “glasses” out of a cereal box for the grandkids. They love doing crafts.

      1. I received an email this AM from the Amazon vendor from whom I purchased six pair of eclipse glasses alleging the safety of its product:

        We learned that many buyers recently received the mail said that we sell the eclipse glasses is not safe,we can prove that our eclipse glasses are safe and you can use it safely.
        The following is our supplier information:
        Cangnan County Qiwei Craft Co., Ltd is the largest supplier of solar eclipse glasses in China, we are his distributor,Our glasses filter is imported from Canada and then assembled in China.Our manufacturer Cangnan County Qiwei Craft Co., Ltd has appeared on NASA’s recommended list.They have CE & ISO 12312-2๏ผš2015 certified.You can also find our brand on NASA / AAS’s website
        For information on how to find our store on the NASA / AAS website, please check the attached.
        And then you will found my brand: Yeahbeer.
        Attached is:
        NASA site screenshots
        If you have any problem during using our product, you are welcome to contact us for further assistance. We will do our best to assist you.
        Best regards.
        Yeahbeer Customer Service Team

        1. Yikes!!! I’d stay inside after that “assurance”. I’m not a fan of the sentence “if you have any problem using our product….” ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜Ž

          PS: the company is called YeahBeer??????

      2. I, too, wondered about that company name. Perhaps the Chinese figure that would appeal to the typical American. We didn’t use them, preferring to be safe with the cardboard framed glasses instead.

        1. Smart move Cobra. I wouldn’t have trusted them either. Better safe than sorry. Did you find the cardboard framed glasses allowed you to see what you hoped for?

  3. I left Tampa Florida at 4 AM. Now on I-95 about 60 miles south of the eclipse path. Traffic at a near standstill.

    Torrential rains in Georgia with a tropical storm coming ashore. I will head up Interstate 26 toward Columbia to look for clear skies.

    Puffy clouds here at the moment 50% blue sky.

  4. Followed original plan and went to Elliree SC.

    Corona was spectacular, skies were clear. Photos not so great, will send later

    1. Thanks for the update. Didn’t even get dark here in 10506. The cicadas were quiet for about a half hour but now back in full throated song.

      Look forward to pix.

  5. I didn’t see a damn thing. Didn’t even get partially dark here. I think the people who made out like bandits are the eclipse glass and t-shirt sellers.

  6. Well, hubby and I tried to watch it with a pinhole in the back yard, but couldn’t really see anything. Ended up watching some network news coverage. (I haven’t watched tv news since election night. Basically intolerable to me, so sensationalized!) We thought, perhaps, it was a tad darker, but it could have been a cloud. I’ll side with Jane’s thought.

    I tried to give the boys an impromptu lesson last night, but was trumped by Henrik Stensson winning a match๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช

    1. I didn’t even notice that it got even a little bit darker. As a matter of fact, I thought it got brighter. But what do I know? Not much.

      I watched The Weather Channel and they were totally and happily geeked out, many of the anchors openly sobbing from the beauty they witnessed. Stephanie Abrams really broke down – so did many of the people the anchors interviewed. Jim Cantore was pissed that the cloud coverage in Illinois totally ruined his day to shine, so to speak.

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