So it’s come to this?????? Friggin’ Insane.

The NYC MTA is planning to “modify” subway tiles that some say resemble the Confederate flag.

No words. Just no words. We have jumped the shark, fallen off the cliff, sunk to the deep end….I don’t know how we claw our way back to sanity.

Add that the Missouri State Senator who called for Trump’s assassination is refusing to resign. Why should she be given a choice I ask? What good are the FBI and Secret Service if they don’t put fear into the people like this who use hate as a tool?

I’m still drinking coffee and listening/watching to some podcasts on my iPad. I subscribe to Bill O’Reilly’s podcasts (meh) as well as Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro (also meh). None so far has wowed me. Any others I should listen to? Maybe some comedy podcasts?



20 thoughts on “So it’s come to this?????? Friggin’ Insane.

  1. Crazy. Cuomo is looking to shore up his base for his 2020 bid for POTUS. None of these jerks thought the statues or tiles triggered others until three days ago.

      1. I plan to be in Elloree SC about noon to live blog for EarthOceanSun, weather permitting.

        Otherwise I’ll be taking a selfie in the rainy darkness.

  2. Does that mean picnic tables at every state and national park will be replaced, too? You know, the ones with X’s supporting the top? Might as well eliminate the letter from the alphabet.

        1. Huh, I see the other emission of this photo from you in my spam folder. Not sure why it would end up there unless the photo grab website was bogus. However, I duly note that the tag of the photo that made it through, ends in “avian-flu-in-thailand”. Are you surfing more than waves out there on the left coast pal?

    1. The Producers would never be produced today. It was hysterical and so well done.
      I was just about to have some pretzels with my cocktail but watching the clip I see I have better options to use them! 🙈😬

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