Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

Last week, out of nowhere, there were two piles of patio stone unearthed, as if a critter was creating a village under the patio and needed a skylight.

This morning, two new mounds, much bigger, and with dirt included……


The old ones…

This old one has some new addition of dirt to it this morning – last week it was only stone.

What is it? Chipmunks? Snakes? Squirrels?

In photo number one, there looks to be a footprint or body print in the center of the dirt. I’m trying to envision a critter under the patio scritching away in order to make a winter home perhaps, a place to horde acorns? I need a Critter Cam!

The mounds appear overnight, so whoever is busy is a night owl. I’ve left the previous mounds untouched  but now that I see more, I may sweep his work back into the crevices and see how long it takes him to start over. Too cruel?

It’s raining now, and expected to rain heavily today, all day, so mother nature may do the sweeping for me. More as I know.

Happy Friday. What with the rain, no major plans yet today. Coffee, more coffee.

PS: I did it again – created a PAGE, not a post. Damn you WP. Now I have to cut and paste. Ugh.

11 thoughts on “Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

    1. Now, of course, I’m going to have nightmares for weeks.

      As a funny aside, when the kids were little, they wanted gerbils. Disgusting gerbils that I detested. Mom Gerbil would eat her own babies and babies would devour each other. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so as all good mothers do, I lied to the kids and said all the gerbils were dead, when in truth, I took the container out to the back forty and dumped the few that were still alive into the field, hoping a hawk would find them tasty for lunch.
      That night, and several nights thereafter, I dreamed the gerbils turned into GIANT gerbils, came back to life, and were pounding at the bedroom window to come and kill me. Your gif brought that nightmare back. Gee, thanks???

      1. Sorry! I took one look at those mounds and it scared the hell out of me —- funny story ’bout the gerbils tho’! (Thanks for making that gif work – fat fingers and iPad ignorance made getting the right link to work impossible)

  1. Cicadas. We had such stone dust mounds on our front walk. Shortly after dosing each with some potent insectiside, they drunkenly crawled out and expired just inches away from their former safe haven.

    1. No kidding? Cicadas? So do I pour/spray insecticide down the hole? I found two more mounds on the other side of the patio, in a flower bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. More correctly, cicada killer wasps. Get rid of them quickly. Google them and look under images. The mounds are identical to yours.

      2. Administer insecticide directly down the hole. Or, stand nearby and loudly read quotes from Maxine Waters…they’ll crawl out and expire nearby.

        1. You are tooooo funny Cobra. Not just Maxine these days – Jimmy Kimmel said the only way to stop racism is to take the name Trump off every building. These libs who think Trump is a racist is such crap.

          Mr. EOS is in RI so I called our pest control peeps, uncomfortable administering the insecticide myself. They are getting lots of requests to poison the wasps – coming tomorrow between 12-4 to kill them all off. Thanks again for the heads up.

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