No. No. And No Way in Hell.

My mom has been LOVING LOVING LOVING listening to Audible books on the iPad I got her. She speeds through them, thrilled she can once again read, her eyes now not the best to see words on the pages.

We started with Hillbilly Elegy that she adored. She wanted some mystery so we tried a James Patterson and a John Grisham. She didn’t care for the language and violence of the Patterson book and didn’t like the plot of the new Grisham, Camino Island.

My sister suggested she read the Neapolitan series by Elena Ferrante so I put the first book in the series in her iPad, My Brilliant Friend. She liked it but not enough to read the rest of the series.

So politics, I asked? Maybe, she said. I searched through Audible bestsellers and gagged seeing the Best Seller in three separate categories.

Comedy?????????? Well, Al Franken IS a joke, so there’s that.


Here’s Al again, Best Seller in Biographies…..


An also in Politics….


Who are all the people reading the Al Franken book that’s making it a Best Seller? Kathy Griffin fans? Trump haters? I wouldn’t pay one penny for the book.

I asked my Iowa friend Tom, a Mark Levin fan, if he’s read Levin’s new book. He has not, and added that he too has sworn off all politics for the foreseeable future, preferring a week at Pinehurst for golf with his brothers. Need a caddy Tom? I’m able.

Anyone read Sharyl Attkisson’s book? I like her a lot. She always seems spot on, without agenda. This might be a contenda.


I thought maybe mom would like old Agatha Christie mysteries. More whodunit than blood and guts. Or some good comedy books? Please send your suggestions, keeping in mind it has to be a book that Amazon offers in Audible format.


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  1. Mark Levin’s book is excellent. If your mother doesn’t read it, you should. Atkisson is one of my favorite reporters and guests on political shows. I didn’t know she has a new book. I think I’ll get this one.

  2. I love audible. But my library leans more towards school aged classics. Many are free or only $.99.

    You both might enjoy this one.

    Have you checked the library? Greenwich – and most libraries these days– has an app called Overdrive that you can check out kindle books as well as audiobooks. They aren’t in the audible format, but are almost as easy to listen to. Maybe it’s too complicated…

    Outlander was good, but pretty violent.

    Have you looked at the blog Modern Mrs Darcy? This list
    Has the book “A Man Called Ove” –haven’t read the book, the the movie was awesome. (In Swedish)

    This list has some great ones:

    Harry Potter, narrated by Jim Dale is amazing. Anything narrated by him, actually.

    And The Education of Little Tree narrated by Peter Cayote.

  3. Le sigh.

    Anything narrated by Jim Dale, (Harry Potter)
    The Education of Little Tree, narrated by Peter Cayote

    Outlander is excellent, but violent and disturbing.

    Gurnsey Liteary Potato Peel pie is excellent as audio if she hasn’t read that.

    A Man Called Ove was a great movie (in Swedish), so I suspect the book was better.

    For something different. Answering Jihad

      1. Yes, with severe jet lag. I’m a bit of a wreck–staying with my mother in law was difficult (to say the least), but coming back was tough too. Flying in to Newark it looked like a shanty town, and all the vines and trees are suddenly suffocating.

        The boys have choir camp next week, then school starts. Although we signed up for a challenging high school level Latin class that starts Tuesday, so we are scrambling to get done what he will miss next week. (We are having a competition–if he beats me, he wins an outing of his choice (which will likely included a Michelin starred restaurant!😳). If my grade is higher, he has to pay the tuition. )

        Summer was way over scheduled this year, I’m pooped.

        1. Breaking news: Newark IS a shanty town. 😬

          You’ve talked here before of the mother-in-law living arrangements so I’m sorry this year was no better than years previous. But I suppose the greater good is having the boys share in their Swedish heritage and family.
          Whoa, choir camp and Latin class. No wonder you are pooped. I would be too.

          Welcome home.

      1. I read American Thinker regularly and to my way of thinking, they are always spot on, no exception their take on Al Franken. Poor Minnesota, a ton of Muslims and Al Franken. No thanks.

  4. Listening to the Freakenomics books and there a few of them was great in the car for road trips, maybe your Mom would like them. Malcom Gladwell’s books are similar.
    Adriana Trigiani is a great writer, I’ve only “read” her books, but they might be nice to listen to. She has 17 books! You should see if your Mom might like to follow some podcasts of authors, etc.

    1. Thanks. I’ve jotted down all your suggestions.

      As for podcasts, that’s possible, but I’d have to teach her how to do that. She’s spending Thanksgiving week here, her 99th birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone will come to me rather than us heading into the city or elsewhere. I’m thrilled. Then I can go over what a podcast entails. Her tech skills are decent but not great.

  5. I think your mom would enjoy the books written by British author, Jane Gardam. She is a contemporary of your mother & her writing is touching, subtly humorous and just plain enjoyable. If she hasn’t read any Wallace Stegner you might want to check out his books, too.

  6. Wallace Stegner’s Crossing to safety is my all-time favorite. And i bet your mom would really enjoy the Donna Leon mysteries set in Venice with detective Guido Brunetti. No violent language or gruesome mangled bodies. There’s a whole series to enjoy, and if she’s been to venice, so much the better. Bibi

    1. Agree about Crossing to Safety. That and An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser are in my top five.

      Don’t know the mystery author you suggested. I’ll add her to the list the others have mentioned, then vet them with my mom. Thanks.

      Are you ensconced in Chatham now? See big waves from Gert? Beaches in our RI neck of the woods were closed. Daughter working in Montauk this summer said waves out there were unbelievable, scary big.

      1. I read that one person died and 25 were rescued at a south facing Nantucket beach. Makes me very angry that they put so many put lifeguards at risk. Of course, day hikers in shorts and flip flops who get lost in the White Mountains and need rescue belong to the same group.
        Back to the topic. I don’t listen to books but again urge you to see what your library offers. Try your library, your Mom’s and your RI one.
        I am reading The Women in the Castle on my IPad Kindle app. Started A Man Called Ove but didn’t finish. Read Tommy’s Honour which I quite liked for its golf course history.
        And, I don’t watch, listen to or follow news any more. I might watch the weather forecast, tennis and golf tournaments, the Red Sox, Fixer Upper on occasion. Jeopardy is the only program I regularly watch- and it’s taking a break.

        1. I wrote a long reply that seems to have gone poof! Grrr. I’ll retry tomorrow.

          Try Two: Mr. EOS gets his panties in a bunch over the surfer dudes who come out on stormy days, those kids clueless how to surf but with an expensive board and the look, they go out in huge waves when the beaches are closed. Of course, when they get stranded or are in trouble, the town pays for services to bring them to safety.

          Great thought getting mom some books about golf or golfers – a bio perhaps. Hadn’t even occurred to me. Two points.

          Re TV: I’m even bailing on HGTV these days, tired of constant reruns of Fixer Upper. Love Chip and Joanne but I can only watch it so many times. I’m watching both the DIY network and GACTV (Great American Country), the latter has a show on Wednesdays that I love – RV shopping -like House Hunters but couples/families are on the hunt for the best RV/fifth wheel. DIY Network has some good home shows too.

          Golf has been incredibly boring of late (except for the PGA, which unfortunately I missed) and I’m glad Jeopardy is on summer hiatus because last season I was about to throw a tomato at them for all their political snark and questions that were definitely one-sided. I watch about 15 minutes of Maria Bartiromo at 6am, then pretty much turn the TV off and go and do.

  7. LibriVox has an iOS app where you can stream and/or download many many audiobooks that are in the public domain. So, mostly classics and older things. Narration quality varies (you might get a native Hindi speaker reading in English, for example. So preview first), but the price is right. Totally free.

    Swanton, try the movie for Ove, its streaming on Amazon prime. Or likely at the library. We laughed so hard all night!

  8. Your mother would love love love “A Gentleman in Moscow.” Wonderful story. Charming story. Nuff said.

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