Me, For the Foreseeable Future

I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you!

My head is spinning with so much hate news on TV. The Trump hate especially, but also all the hate for history  Right or wrong, good or bad, history is a fact. So many want all bad history erased, as if it didn’t happen. If they get what they want, and it looks like almost every state in the Union is starting to obliterate any Confederate named street or statue, New York included with the encouragement and support of both Cuomo and deBlasio, then what – don’t teach history in class anymore? No history majors in college?

My stomach is actually sick from listening to so much trash spewed out of the TV so I’m tuning them all out.

The WSJ is suggesting Trump’s agenda is at risk…..

CNN only wants Trump impeached, removed from office today, not tomorrow, today…

A**hat Cory Booker, the Original Hypocrite, asking for all Confederate statues to be removed. Will he ask for the college Washington and Lee be renamed? Maybe Sarah Lee is a subversive too.

These Three Gay Caballeros are happy to take down Trump too….

The Fourth Gay Caballero is as evil as the other three ….

Facebook is as evil as Google is determining what is acceptable by employees.

Yet around all this Trump and Conservative hate, who is going to report that on this day in history, Bill Clinton shamed the office of the President more than anyone in recent history. You can bet it won’t be CNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know how it will end. CNN will never give up. Nor will MSNBC. They are hellbent on destroying Trump’s presidency. I plan to read and garden and pretend all is well in the world. It’s the only way to keep my sanity.

Note: I was able to restore trashed Page and then I had to cut and paste to make it a post. Tedious but better than losing it altogether. I trust you’ll find it was worth my effort?

17 thoughts on “Me, For the Foreseeable Future

  1. I’m with you. I can’t stomach the hate ad I don’t know a person who watches CNN. The sad fact is that half the nation hates Trump because he defeated their golden girl Hillary. The hate won’t go away any time soon.

    1. Karma. But at least she allowed the segment to air compared to, who was it, Ben Affleck, who wanted his past whitewashed and demanded the show delete his family past?

  2. Vice tweeted they want to blow up Mount Rushmore, then deleted it.

    A (back female) Missouri State Senator wrote on her Facebook page that she hope Trump would be assassinated, then deleted it, saying she was “frustrated”.

    Barcelona, 13 people mowed down.

    You are smart to keep our head in the sand. It’s ugly out there.

    1. Holy cow, for real???

      Update: Reading and hearing all you said is indeed real. Why on earth is the Missouri senator not hauled off in handcuffs today by Secret Service?

      I’m seeing Wolf Blitzer is suggesting Barcelona is a copycat of Charlottesville, and thankfully getting trounced for the thought.

  3. America has very little history compared to other civilizations.
    The colosseum glorifies what?
    The pyramids are a monuments built by who?
    The Tower of London with lawn bowling heads.
    Place de la Concorde was home to the guillotine.
    I can also buy a ticket to Hitler’s Eagle Nest.
    By destroying historical artifacts we are emulating ISIS.

  4. I would guess that by todays standards, “history” is chronicled by algorithm ?

    I recently googled , American inventors and was quite surprised by the results.

    try Googling American Inventors and see for yourself

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