I Can’t Believe it


I just spent over an hour creating a long multi-photograph post only to find out I created a Page and not a Post – to very distinct and different options in the WordPress format.

I knew something was wrong when I wasn’t able to add tags, but I clicked publish anyway and lo and behold, no post, it became a Page, adding to the About Me page and the page on how to add photos.

I couldn’t figure out a way of changing a page to a post so I decided to click “move page to trash” thinking I could cut and paste it all back into a post.

Um, no. It’s now permanently gone. Poof.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Let me see how to get it all back or rewrite it. Since I write on the fly, typing without editing in my brain (dangerous), it’ll never be exactly how I created it. Hang on, Go get more coffee and I’ll be baaaak.

PS: Here’s the problem. WordPress changed the sequence of adding a Post versus a Page. It’s always been Blog POST first, always, so I clicked where I always have before. Why the change WordPress??? It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.


7 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe it

  1. Sooo frustrating — makes you want to go back to photo albums with books and little triangles to hold the pictures in place, at least you know where you left it. Usually unfinished, waiting for a rainy day to put it together.
    Hope to see you lovely photos soon…

  2. Just don’t go over to DISQUS, the service that turned Chris Fountain’s blog into a walled garden.

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